Everyone knows the dangers of drug addiction, but they don’t know that more terrifying than drug addiction is junk happiness addiction.This addiction is not hurting your body, but constantly draining your will.Reduce the possibilities in your life, and in the end, you can only live a very mediocre life.If you don't stay away from these garbage and happiness, you will never realize how good your life can be.

More terrible than drug addiction
Is junk and happy addiction Yesterday, a very interesting phenomenon was discovered on the high-speed rail.Regardless of men, women, young or old, many people are using vibrato, each of them is laughing while brushing, and from time to time to the people next to them, making each other laugh.This reminds me of my elementary school classmate Ah Cheng. He especially likes to use Tik Tok as long as he has time, secretly when he is at get off work, lying down when he is off work, and drinking while having a party...Others asked him why he likes Douyin so much. He said that life is too jerk. Only Douyin can make people happy.After indulging in Douyin, Ah Cheng is indeed happy. He can always see him grinning and smirking, but he has also lost his work.Because he was using Douyin during work hours, he was caught by the boss and cut him directly.In the end, Ah Cheng was not good. Instead of changing the non-uninstallation of Douyin before, he brushed it even more powerfully. Several times he brushed it all night.The girlfriend persuaded him not to listen, and scolded others for being too demanding, saying that he was just relieving the pressure.It is true that Douyin can give Chinese people happiness. The laughs are dense enough to make people laugh in a few seconds. You can laugh several times in the time of peeing.But, can using Douyin really decompress happiness? I'm afraid this is just a fool's dream!

The happier things, the more vigilant There is a question on Zhihu: What are the things that young people must not touch?There is a great answer: things that can get short-term pleasure.Psychologist Adam Alt has discovered that there is something like drugs that can be addictive and difficult to quit without paying attention.They are all entertainment products-games, gossip, live broadcasts, etc.There is a strong professional team behind these products. They will design a series of products based on the public's psychology. It can continuously stimulate your nerves and make you feel happy and want to stop.The sole purpose of these products is to make money.Just like Ah Cheng, he is accustomed to this kind of low-cost, high-return stimulation, it is difficult to do some "boring" things, such as: work, study, exercise.In "Brave New World", such a future was described:In order to reassure the citizens, the government uses a drug called "Making" to make ordinary people happy.If there is a large-scale commotion, there is no need to worry at all. Just turn the abetment into a vapor absorbent, and people will quickly become ecstatic and there is no time for anything else."One gram of instigation, no melancholy!"Because of the instigation, everyone is too lazy to make progress, to think, and to take a good look at the natural scenery.How terrible, even if there is no abet, but the entertainment methods such as Douyin, Kuaishou, games, etc., have become the same as abet. You only need to turn on the phone, and you can suck in the needle and make yourself refreshed. .Shuang Yishuang is right, but you don't know what the result of this coolness is.It will make your threshold of happiness higher. You can't get used to paying for a long time in exchange for some happiness. Apart from these "electronic drugs" that make you refreshing, you really can't feel happy about other things.It's like those who use drugs to escape from life, there is no difference.

Seeking happiness

Is widening the class gap Happiness is the pursuit of mankind, but the way of pursuing happiness is an important reason for widening the gap between people.Sociologist Barbara, after working undercover at the bottom for 8 years, found that the more people at the bottom, the more they use a consuming way to seek happiness, such as soap operas, drugs, and video games.The higher the level of people, the more they will find happiness in a complementary way, such as running, reading, and studying.This is very similar to the famous "Nipple Theory".In 1995, these elites put forward the "Nipple Theory".It is the mass production of a large number of entertainment products, through these entertainment products, so that the public can indulge in superficial happiness, so as to be content with the status quo, not enterprising, it is like giving a crying child a pacifier.The reason for this is simple, because 20% of the world’s people own 80% of the world’s wealth. If you want the elites to continue to sit back and relax, so that the masses will not compete or resist, then use a variety of superficial entertainment products to coax Just make them happy.When people are more and more inclined to "nipples" with little input and full of pleasure, it seems that you are gaining happiness, but in fact you are intensifying the solidification of the class, the solidification of your generation, and the solidification of the next generation.In the BBC documentary "56ups", after 56 years of filming, I came to a cruel conclusion-the children of the elite will become the elite, and the children at the bottom will still be at the bottom.Unless the children at the bottom can be the same as the children of the elite, they have been happy to read and study since childhood, instead of wasting time and energy in constantly sucking "nipples."Whether it is Douyin or games, the market is now full of various entertainment methods that make you cool and happy, and are gradually accelerating the solidification of classes.You have spent year after year in joking, but the elites have achieved breakthroughs and reached the pinnacle of life. The gap between people is opened here.

Chinese unhappiness

From your life Why can Douyin quickly become popular in China?I very much agree with the author Kitano's statement because the Chinese are too unhappy.Qiangzi is the person I have ever seen, the most qualified to be unhappy, and the most qualified to survive on vibrato.Qiangzi was a car mechanic, drilling around under the car every day, making his body dark and greasy.Originally relying on hard-working hands, the life passed well, buying a car and buying a house.When everything was getting better, Qiangzi’s daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. In order to cure her daughter, Qiangzi’s family was emptied and owed a lot of money.As the pillar of the family, Qiangzi's burden is really heavy. If he is addicted to vibrato and frowns every day, no one will blame him.But Qiangzi is not. He is happy every day, and he often says funny jokes.Others asked him, why is it so hard and so happy? Qiangzi smiled and said, "I am so happy that I can find it by myself, the more I suffer, the more sad.""New Weekly" conducted a survey and found that what Chinese people lack most is happiness. Among the post-80s who are the mainstay, only 0.91% feel happy.As Bai Yansong said, “Nowadays, Chinese people always seem to be unhappy. Students complain about too much homework; white-collar workers complain about tiredness at work; women complain about busy housework; officials complain about too much entertainment; old people complain about their children not going home..."Indeed, life is not kind to anyone, it always thinks of the law to make things difficult for you.If, when you are making things difficult, you just use Douyin, holding variety shows, and want to survive these difficult moments with hahaha, in the end you will find that the more you endure, the more sad.Life is not for simmering, life is for living!When you use boil to define life, sorry, how can you be happy?

Life is not easy

Don't live by inertia Once, Lei Hai, the takeaway boy, was able to maximize the circle of friends. In the third season of "Chinese Poetry Conference", he defeated the master of Peking University to win the championship.The opponent commented that he was like the sweeping monk in "Dragon Babu", as long as he shot it, he could shock the whole arena.Before he became famous, Lei Haiwei was a takeaway boy. He seemed to be no different from the boy he met on weekdays. He rode a food delivery car in the wind and in the rain, making some hard money in big cities. .The difference from other takeaway brothers is that Lei Hai likes ancient poems. He recites poems every day when waiting for meals, on the way to deliver meals, and waiting for red lights.After get off work, the other colleagues are lying on the bed and playing with their mobile phones. Only Lei Hai reads and recites poems for him, because he feels that this is the joy of helpless life.Before he became famous, many people felt that Lei Haiwei was just looking for something and was not happy. What is the use of memorizing so many ancient poems for a takeaway?In fact, many people are like the people around Lei Hai. They live by inertia every day, eating the same meals, doing the same jobs, and living the same lives, without any surprises.Many people's unhappiness is due to repeating yesterday's life and living by inertia.Some psychologists have found that the reason why children can have more happiness is entirely because their daily lives are different.They are always willing to explore some unknowns and find happiness in the expanding comfort zone.Adults are different. Adults are more accustomed to living in the comfort zone and being able to pass a year into a day.If an adult wants to be like children and have more happiness, then he must have the courage to step out of his comfort zone and the determination to live without relying on inertia.Perhaps it is forcing yourself to climb out of the warm bed and run for 10 kilometers in the deserted street, but when you do it, the dopamine brought by exercise is much longer than that of games and Douyin;Maybe you are forcing yourself to unload the live broadcast, eat chicken, and eat a big tome, but when you finish reading, you will find that this kind of sober happiness is never given by live broadcast or eating chicken.

To be happy, first please yourself To please yourself, this is the best rhetoric in the WeChat community.Food sellers say that eating delicious food is to please yourself; clothes sellers say that wearing a beautiful new dress is to please yourself; cosmetics sellers say that wearing the latest color lipstick is to please yourself... …Everyone knows to please themselves, some people are more pleasing and better, and some people are more pleasing and depraved.Different ways of pleasing will lead to different life experiences.In my opinion, if a person wants to be more pleasing and better, his pleasing method must at least be implemented in accordance with these three principles.Principle XNUMX: Try to complement the funThere is no difference in fun, but there must be two ways to supplement and consume.Complementary fun, it may be just a trivial thing, but every time you do it, your heart will become more and more happy. This kind of pleasure can maintain your happiness throughout the day.After starting to write, Murakami Haruki became obsessed with running. From the first breathlessness to the final ultramarathon, running benefited him a lot.First, a thin belly, then a clear head, and then a steady stream of inspiration.This is supplementary interest, and the benefits it brings to people are definitely not just "hahahaha".Principle XNUMX: Don’t follow instinctThe more people who live by instinct, the easier it is to be satisfied, because their threshold of happiness is too low, and they tend to stay at a point.But the more such a person, the more likely they are to pursue sensory pleasure. It may be junk food with heavy oil and salt, it may be naked porn videos, and it is more likely that it is a drug that makes you happy after a sip.To follow instinctive interest is often to satisfy the animal nature of people.When you continue to feed your animal nature, the result is often that the animal nature will swell to the point where you can't control it.Principle XNUMX: Don't think about getting it right once and for allHappiness = reality-expected valueThe harsher the reality and the higher the expectations, the easier it is for people to feel pain.Just like people who buy lottery tickets, the higher the expectation, the lower the excitement of winning.If you put your bad life on a kind of interest, then you will easily get lost because of high expectations.Therefore, before choosing any kind of interest, please do not have too much fantasies about it.

Time never lies, where you spend your time, you will become what kind of person.When you squander your life in a shallow level of happiness, what you end up with is only a short period of excitement and long-term emptiness;When you recharge your life in deep happiness, what you end up with is long-term happiness.Don't place your happiness on others. When you are covered by the joy of Douyin, you are not far from being abolished.