Last night in the northern part of Brisbane
There was a domestic violence incident
The outcome of the eventIn the end, the police shot and killed the violent man

According to 9News reportAfter midnight last nightSurround St in Dakabin, Northern RegionA man and a woman clashed violently
When the police arrivedI saw a 27-year-old young man holding a knifeBehave excessively, brandish a weapon and yellDon't listen to anyone's adviceYelling and hacking at people around

The police tried to calm the man's emotionsBut little effectThe police had to use stun guns
But the man would rather die than surrender than obeyFinally the police chose to shoot

The police saidThere was also a woman hiding in a house nearbyThe nearby residents rescued her
According to the description of nearby residents
At around 12:XNUMX in the eveningI heard a woman screaming for help in the blockAnd the woman who asks for help is a resident in their neighborhood
I saw a man with a knife behind herYelling at her with a knifeThere are still some insults and abuse

The neighbor said in an interviewThe man and woman are living togetherBut quarrels often occurThe frequency of quarrels is very high recentlyThey didn't expect this man to be so violent
The woman knocked on the door for help after escaping the house that night
Was eventually taken home by a neighborThe kind neighbor called the police immediately

But the man with the knife is still reluctantYelling at the woman to leave the neighbor's houseStill wielding a murder weapon in the street
After the police arrived at the sceneThe man is not at all calmBut want to fight the policeWas eventually killedSeveral gunshots sounded over the block

After the man was shot several times
He was sent to the hospital and diedNextThe coroner will conduct the next inspection of the man

About the shootingThe police will also launch an internal investigationPolice appeal to nearby residents to provide effective information
The driving recorder of nearby vehicles may be able to obtain valid evidence
By the way, can't you say something?What's more terrifying is that they abuse womenWould you rather die than surrender?
The bullet doesn't have eyes