The Governor of Victoria is too difficult.
Yesterday, the Governor of Victoria received protests from many opponents after he announced his hope to extend the state of emergency in Victoria until September next year.

Our governor also posted a number of statuses on his social accounts to explain why:

"The main purpose of extending the state of emergency in Victoria is that when health professionals need us to change, we can make changes legally."
"This will not affect our current lockdown period, nor will it increase our current restrictions."
In fact, many netizens have been encouraging the governor.

However, the voice of opposition is also getting louder.
From other members to the finance minister


In addition, some people opposed to the closure of the city are organizing demonstrations online!

A spokesperson for the Victoria Police said:

They have learned that a large group of people is preparing to gather for a parade in Melbourne CBD on Saturday, September 9th.


The event is scheduled to be held in Melbourne CBD on Saturday, September 9, and the specific location has not been determined. On the Facebook event page, 5 people wanted to end the Victorian prison-style blockade and celebrate freedom. More than 50 people expressed their intention to participate and more than 9000 people were interested.


Even more frightening is that they have planned to protest at the Victorian Governor’s residence.

A photo of the governor’s house in Monash was posted on Facebook, with the caption "Disgraceful Dan Andrews...let us protest in front of his house."

The event page stated that participants will publicly oppose Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, saying that he should be "responsible for the biggest public health disaster in Australian history."

The biggest instigators of this event are these two. Fanos Panayides and Raphael Fernandez run multiple groups with thousands of members on Facebook and promote an anti-public health theory on the Internet, including the new coronavirus pandemic. , And existing conspiracy theories surrounding vaccination and 5G technology.


Both encouraged people to join the protests.

Last week, Fernandez told his followers in a live video that they don’t have to worry about fines if they attend. He also publicly opposed mandatory vaccination on Facebook.

"Australia, it's time to take a stand. We are so many, we are just a corner."


In this regard, the Victorian Police have also released:

"This completely goes against the instructions of the Chief Health Officer and puts the lives of Victorians at risk."

"If necessary, we will not hesitate to issue a fine of A$1652 or arrest on the same day. Those who violate the self-isolation order will be fined A$4957."


Before the deadline, Victoria today:

148 new cases were added, the total number was reduced by 14 cases, and 8 people died

A total of 4028 patients with unknown source of infection.

The number of active cases dropped to 3651 (including 475 medical staff, including 1530 cases related to nursing homes), 617 were hospitalized, 35 were in the ICU, and 19 were on ventilators.

Yesterday, it was tested 13060 times, with a positive rate of 1.03%.

Wouldn't we just let Victoria slowly get better and return to normal?


However, don’t be too nervous about next Saturday.

After all, the Victorian Police still attaches great importance to the parade. Last week, two people were searched and arrested for organizing the anti-closure parade in Melbourne.


In addition, I vaguely remember the last anti-closure parade. During the promotion, thousands of people on the Internet responded to participate. In the end, less than 10 people came to the scene. So this time? let us wait and see.

Editor: The Little Prince

Source: Twitter, Herald Sun, etc.