To prevent motorists from taking trails after exiting the St Peters junction of the WestConnex Expressway (WestConnex) and to ensure the safety of pedestrians, the City of Sydney plans to permanently close four streets in the inner city to prohibit vehicle traffic.

Six weeks after the opening of the M8 highway from Kingsgrove to St. Peters, a committee of the City of Sydney recommended that the city close four streets in the inner city of Alexandria. These include: Anderson St, which intersects with Mitchell Road, Loveridge St and Brennan St, which intersect with McEvoy St, and Mitchell Road. The middle section of Lawrence St between Maddox St and Harley St.

McEvoy Street is part of an east-west main road that runs between the M8 tunnel and St. Peters, south of downtown Sydney.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, said that residents of Alexandria hope that the city government will do everything in its power to reduce the impact of traffic on the West Link on the local community.

"Traffic is a big problem in this area, and people are very worried about the possible impact of the Xilian Expressway." She said, "I hope this work (no traffic) can reduce this impact and create a better neighborhood and community."

The purpose of stopping vehicle traffic is to make it safer for people to walk in the area, reduce short-cuts by motorists and increase open space.

Sydney Labor City Councillor Linda Scott said the proposal to close the streets often caused controversy, but the plan was “warmly welcomed” by the Alexandria community.

The City of Sydney has been highly critical of the West Link from the beginning, but Moore welcomed the compromise of the NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance in traffic management.

The NSW government has greatly reduced the original plan for the passageway from Alexandria to Moore Park. The plan is to build a 3.2 km long, including additional lanes, at the expense of parking lots, trees and properties. Great crossroads and highways with unobstructed 24 hours.

The twin highway tunnel connecting the M4 highway at Haberfield and the M8 highway at St. Peters will not be completed until 2023. The latter is the last part of the Xilian Expressway project.

The Transport for NSW said they are aware of the Sydney City Council’s intention to close the streets and are closely monitoring the traffic in the area. Nowadays, motorists are more and more familiar with the M8 highway, and because of the epidemic, people's travel patterns have also changed.

Sydney City Councillors will vote on the plan next Monday. If passed, these streets will be banned from driving in a few months.