China's "Top Ten Beverage Companies" Coconut Group recently released a job advertisement, which requires applicants to commit to serving in Coconut Group for life, and also requires applicants to use real estate as collateral and repay with real estate after leaving the job.

The recruitment has sparked heated discussions, and netizens questioned that it is more ruthless than a contract.

The recruitment information of Coconut Group Co., Ltd. released on the WeChat public account of Hainan Human Resources Market "Hainan Direct Employment" on August 8, publicly recruiting talents from the "Coconut Training Vocational Manager School". The recruitment conditions mentioned that applicants need to promise Serve at "Coconut Tree" for life, be loyal and not selfish, care about career and family, and at the same time write a letter of commitment, promise to use real estate as mortgage, and leave Coconut Group to repay with real estate.

The Coconut Tree Group explained that the requirement to use real estate as a mortgage is to prevent the use of "coconut trees" as a springboard, as a "gold-plated", and job-hopping after learning experience.

As soon as the news came out, it immediately caused heated discussions and dissatisfaction from a large number of Internet users on the Internet. The reason is that the Coconut Tree Group requires applicants to mortgage their real estate and provide lifetime service.

"Isn't this just a deed to sell your body? The deed is not so cruel, right!" "Why do I come to work for you regardless of family?" "This is not about retaining talent, but threatening talent: people and companies must be crazy." "It's too exaggerated! Does this promise have legal effect?" "Does the company also sign a contract and can't fire me for the rest of my life?" "What if the company goes bankrupt if an employee does not quit?" "This kind of overlord? The terms will be over sooner or later!"

The job advertisement shows that the general manager has a million annual salary, a villa award, a dividend stock award, and a sea view house award. But netizens did not buy it, thinking that the recruitment was not rigorous, and more like deliberate hype.

Some netizens criticized the recruitment request for allegedly violating the "Labor Contract Law." Article XNUMX of the law stipulates that when employing workers, employers shall not seize the workers’ resident ID cards and other certificates, and shall not require the workers to provide guarantees or collect property from the workers in other names.

According to data, the Coconut Tree Group is a joint-stock company with employees for more than XNUMX years.

Coconut Juice ads have been accused of vulgarity and hype. At the beginning of February last year, the coconut palm juice was caught in a crisis of false and vulgar advertising and was investigated.

According to information from Tianyan, the Coconut Tree Group holds 26 companies. Since 2013, the Coconut Tree Group has had at least 160 lawsuits, including 42 commercial bribery and unfair competition disputes, 24 trademark infringement disputes, and 18 labor disputes.

Tianyancha information also shows that Coconut Tree Group Co., Ltd. has many labor dispute lawsuits, and most of the plaintiffs are employees who are more than 10 years old.