Australia relaxes outbound travel restrictions

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As of August 8, more than one-third of travel applications abroad have been approved, while only one-fourth were approved from the beginning of the epidemic to the end of last month.

As the government is concerned that returnees will become the source of the spread of the new crown virus, since March this year, Australian citizens and permanent residents have been prohibited from leaving the country without the approval of the federal government.

据悉尼晨峰报报导,从3月25日至7月31日,在总共91,950份出境申请中,边境执法局批准了 22,640人出境。一份申请中可以有一个以上的申请人。


A Border Enforcement Agency spokeswoman said that the higher approval rate was due to the launch of the new application website and the increase in staff, which helped clear the backlog of applications. Approval of departure applications is not automated, and each application will be evaluated individually.

Adam Byrnes, the chief attorney of the Sydney Visa and Citizenship Law Firm, confirmed that since the introduction of the application portal, approvals have been much faster. He also said that in the past week, the policy has undergone "significant changes."

Burns said: "We have seen more people being approved to leave the country, and the approval standards are much lower than before... For example, couples who have lived together for only two weeks (can be approved)."

On July 7, the Law Enforcement Bureau launched a new application website. Applicants can register for an account, centrally manage documents and letters, get an application confirmation letter instantly, associate the same group of applicants and family members, and update existing applications and certifications. file.

Editor in charge: Tian Rui

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