The Brazilian city council held a video conference. A participant secretly left his seat and had sex with a woman in the room. The picture is taken from mirror

The new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to spread, and many governments and companies have switched to video meetings to avoid group infections. The city council of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil held a video conference a few days ago. One of the participants forgot to turn off the camera, secretly left his seat, and had sex with a woman. The intimate scenes were all broadcasted.

According to the "Mirror" report, the Rio de Janeiro City Council in Brazil used Zoom last week to invite seven city councillors and a man to a video conference to discuss how to provide student meals through the government system during the epidemic prevention period.

The video conference started at 10 a.m. When the seven city councillors were discussing, the man in the middle column and the far right of the screen suddenly got up, took off naked, and turned his head to have sex with the woman next to him. Because the man forgot to turn off the camera, the "fierce battle" between the two was broadcast simultaneously at the conference.

The seven city councillors present were shocked. Someone was obviously absent-minded after seeing it. However, the meeting was not interrupted because of this, and it lasted 4 hours before it ended.

After the incident came to light, it triggered media reports from various countries, and it also cast a peach on the Brazilian city council. Leonel Brizola, chairman of the Brazilian city council, said that colleagues were very serious about discussing children’s meals, but they were caught by this scene of sex. The focus was blurred, which made him feel very sorry.

The Brazilian City Council also pointed out that the man was not a city councillor, and other questions about the man’s true identity and punishment would not respond more.