On Tuesday, a Perth woman who hid in a truck and got into Western Australia was sentenced to six months in prison. This is the harshest punishment for violation of the epidemic restriction order in Western Australia so far.

According to the Perth Times, 28-year-old Asher Vander Sanden was originally allowed to return to Western Australia from Victoria in early August, but she still needs to be quarantined in a hotel for two weeks at her own expense.

The court learned that in order to avoid hotel isolation, she hid in a truck and passed the border into Western Australia on August 8 or 3.

When the police waiting at Perth Airport discovered that she had not arrived on August 8 as originally planned, they began searching for her and found her in her partner's home.

On Tuesday, the Perth Magistrates Court sentenced her to six months and one day in prison.

Editor in charge: Yue Ming