Reuters reported that Australia’s most-selling newspaper, The Australian, has illustrations involving racial discrimination. It is suspected that the US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden described his deputy Kamala Harris as a "brown little girl", which was condemned by all parties. . Australian Labor Party politician Andrew Giles tweeted: "Illustrated remarks are offensive and involve racial discrimination."

Former Australian Attorney General Mark Dreyfus tweeted: "If the Australian newspaper still respects etiquette and norms, they should apologize immediately and stop publishing such illustrations."

However, the editor-in-chief of The Australian, Christopher Dore, explained that this illustration is not the illustrator's own remarks, but a mockery of Biden's tweets. Biden talked about choosing He Jinli as his deputy in a tweet on the 13th. He said: "Little girls across America, especially African and Latino girls who are often despised by American society, get up this morning and see new possibilities. Sex: to be a candidate for president or vice president."