Another big robbery in Hong Kong!

According to a report by Global Network citing Hong Kong’s “East Net”, at 25:9 am yesterday (38th), the Hong Kong police received a report that two robbers broke into a jewelry store at No. 43 He Fung Street and the robbers used beef. Knife and hammer smashed the jewelry counter, and after stealing about 2 million yuan of gold objects, they boarded a private car outside the door and fled.

The police arrived at the scene to investigate after receiving the call. There was a hammer left in the store. The police were looking through the relevant "eyes of the sky" and trying to find the robbers and bring the case to the Tai Po Police District Crime Squad for follow-up.

The report pointed out thatThe entire incident took about 1 minute and 25 seconds. The culprit smashed the jewelry counter with a hammer and beef knife, snatched 4 plates of gold, and boarded a private car to escape.

Two robbers respectively smashed the jewelry store counter with a hammer and beef knife (Photo: Global Network from "Dongwang")

What is even more contemplative is thatA police car passed by the jewelry store 1 minute before the incident. It is not ruled out that the robbers “stepped on”.

There have been many cases of hammer gangs robbing jewelry stores in Hong Kong.

On July 7, a gold shop in Xinfeng Street, Sheung Shui, was smashed into a number of decoration cabinets by robbers armed with a knife and hammer, and 22 plates of gold objects worth about 3 million Hong Kong dollars were taken away; on June 100, 6 robbers Holding a hammer and stick, he broke into a jewelry store in the T Town mall in Tin Shui Wai, snatched a batch of gold jewelry worth about 16 million yuan in full view and fled. The police later found a burned vehicle at the bottom of the Yitian Bridge on Xia Cun Road, which was suspected to be used as a vehicle for the vehicle.

In addition, on March 3, 3 South Asian robbers, armed with knives, axes, and hammers, took a seven-person car to a jewelry and gold shop on Yuen Long Education Road, and smashed the counter to take away about 6 pieces with a total value. Jewelry worth about 30 Hong Kong dollars. The six South Asian robbers who committed the crime were arrested in early April, including two middle school students.

Source: World Wide Web