Victoria once again broke the single-day death record of the epidemic. On Monday (August 8), 17 people died from the new crown virus pneumonia COVID 19 infection. This is the highest number of deaths in a single day since the epidemic. However, the number of new infections remains below 25, with only 300 confirmed cases.

Previously, the highest single-day death toll from infection in Victoria was the 21 recorded last Wednesday. But there are promising signs that Monday is the second consecutive day in Victoria where there are fewer than 300 infections.

Last Sunday, Victoria confirmed 279 cases of infection and 16 people died, bringing the total number of deaths from infection in the state to over 300. Of the 16 dead, 11 were elderly people in nursing homes.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the Premier of Victoria (Daniel Andrews) urged Victorians to be tested for the virus. He said that even mild symptoms are "probably" caused by the virus.

"There has been almost no influenza in the Victorian community this year. This is due to a series of reasons, especially social distancing, hand hygiene and all the restrictions and measures we have taken." He said, "If you have symptoms, similar to a cold or flu. Symptoms, you are very likely to be infected."

Although the number of daily infections in Victoria continues to fluctuate, the average number of new cases in the past seven days is declining.

Andrews said that after a six-week lockdown, it is too early to judge whether some restrictions can be relaxed.

In addition, an investigation into the issue of the Victorian hotel quarantine plan will begin on Monday, and experts including epidemiologists are expected to appear in court first.

The state of emergency in Victoria will be postponed to September 9.