Australian Consul warns Crown Casino Chinese gamblers of visa application fraud

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On Wednesday, the NSW Government Investigation Committee learned that the Australian consulate in Guangzhou had warned as early as 2010 that there were a lot of fraud in visa applications for Chinese clients represented by the Crown Group, so that the consulate rejected their visa applications as high as very high. one. The committee is considering Crown's retention of casino licenses.

Last year, the Australian Channel 60 "XNUMX Minutes" program and the Sydney Morning Herald joint investigation program revealed that Crown Casino has cooperated with Australian Chinese who are well versed in the CCP's official operations to provide the casino with powerful, powerful and wealthy mainland high-profile gamblers; , Crown Casino uses its contacts in the Australian government to help Chinese with cumbersome visa application procedures to successfully obtain an Australian visa, and then go to the casino to spend a lot of money.

Crown Group’s A$24 billion casino in Barangaroo, Sydney is about to be completed. The NSW Government Commission of Inquiry is examining whether Crown Group should retain the license at the newly completed casino.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, on Wednesday, the hearing received an email from the Australian consulate in Guangzhou to the Crown Group in 2010. The email warned that Crown seems to have become an agent for Chinese visa applications, and that some visa applicants have nothing to do with Crown and its gamblers. "What's more worrying is that we continue to see fraud in a large number of applications, so that our rejection rate of visa applications represented by Crown is as high as 10%."

The consular staff also stated that officials of the consulate had held a meeting with Crown on the matter.

Crown Australia Group President Barry Felstead said at the hearing that after the "60 Minutes" joint investigation program was aired, Crown initiated an internal investigation and did not find any improper behavior in the visa processing procedures, and Crown has been doing so for many years. Since then, the review of client background has been strengthened.

In 2003, Crown Casino reached an agreement with the Australian government to open a fast visa channel for wealthy Chinese to enter Australia for gambling. In 2016, after 19 employees of Crown Casino were arrested by the CCP for violating laws prohibiting gambling, the agreement was annulled.

The hearing was informed that Crown Casino also needs to do background checks when applying for visas for Chinese customers. But Felsted said that Crown's investigation was only one of the factors in determining whether the visa was approved, and the Australian government ultimately made the decision. "Crown is unable to issue visas to customers. This is a government business."

On Thursday, the hearing will continue.

Editor in charge: Yue Ming

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