According to the Herald Sun, Andi Lee, 39, was the manager of the Doncaster branch of Westpac Bank in Melbourne. Between August 2015 and April 8, he attracted victims with a high interest rate of 2019% and opened false fixed deposit accounts for them. In fact, the victims’ money was transferred to accounts controlled by him and his associates. The proceeds of fraud amounted to AUD 4 million.

The court learned that 380 million yuan went into the accounts of Lee's sister, ex-wife, girlfriend and business partners, and the rest went directly to his own accounts.

They squandered freely. Lee's girlfriend spent nearly 30 yuan on a luxury watch and gave it to him. Lee also bought two Porsche cars for 28 yuan and gave one of them to his girlfriend.

He also used the money to gamble, travel, buy luxury goods, and invest, rent a luxury apartment for his sister and paid a deposit of 5.1 yuan, and also gave 140 million yuan to a business partner.

Lee was arrested in December last year and recently pleaded guilty to three counts of fraud in the Intermediate Court.

Editor in charge: Li Xinran