When we knew about the new crown virus, we only knew that it was sent from Wuhan, China. So at that time, people all over the country called it "Wuhan pneumonia". In fact, it was discriminatory. As for the source of this pneumonia, it is only known that Wuhan people are greedy for live bats, which caused the virus to spread from bats to humans. At that time, people across the country scolded Wuhan people as a plague. I remember a guy in an Australian forum said that the only time he was discriminated against in Australia was when he was discriminated against by a Chinese compatriot. I heard that he was from Wuhan and asked him to go home for isolation. I think this makes sense. Of course, if you came out of Wuhan, you have to be quarantined, but as a Wuhan citizen, you may feel discriminated against.

Then there was news from Russia that the virus was artificially synthesized by the Americans and was specifically designed to deal with China. It was considered part of the trade war. When Trump heard about this, he was furious and immediately summoned a group of American experts and scholars. It is necessary to find out the source of the virus and rectify the name of the United States. I told my Iranian colleague about this news. He very much agrees and thinks it is very possible that the US government is so shameless and can do it. When we look back now, the United States has been infected with the virus, and walking around the world, if the Americans deliberately synthesize viruses to entrap themselves, it does not make sense. But it is also possible that the biological and chemical warfare has been messed up and the virus is out of control, but when we continue, we feel that this statement is not reliable.

Then there is another saying that we Chinese made it up by ourselves, saying that the Wuhan P4 Virus Research Institute was conducting virus experiments, and then it was leaked. It was said that patient zero was a member of the Virus Research Institute. It was very reassuring, and it was really a lot for a while. People believe. But we thought that at the beginning, the Wuhan government would admonish and contain whistleblowers like Li Wenliang, and even the banquets of 3 people in Wuhan would not stop. Then such a statement would not be logically valid. If the virus of official research is leaked Now, doesn’t the Wuhan government know about this? Even if the Wuhan government does not know, will the central government not know? So I don't think this statement needs to be delved into, and it is not logically valid.

Later, another theory appeared. The derivation of this statement was scientific, but the result was misunderstood and circulated on the Internet: Researchers from Japan’s Kawasaki Biodata Company established a tree structure of virus reproduction and mutation by comparing the genes of the new coronavirus. It proved that the virus did not originate in Wuhan, but the United States. However, Kawasaki Bio's article actually reconstructed the phylogenetic tree represented by different regions of COVID19 with a sequence matrix. It just wanted to verify whether the virus entered Taiwan, Japan, and the United States multiple times or a single time. It was found that the virus sequences in these three regions are all multi-line. For example, the viruses in Kyoto, Tokyo, and Aichi in Japan belong to different branches in the evolutionary tree. There are many viruses in Taiwan, Japan, and the United States. It is also found that the virus sequence outside China is not a single line, so the virus outside China is not caused by a proliferation event, and has a very complicated origin background. This article believes that this shows that the border control in these three areas has not been effective. Because there are many independent origins, border control has not achieved the desired effect at all. This is the conclusion of this paper. There is no discussion on the crown or the origin of the cadres of the entire COVID19 virus, and no ancestral analysis is done, so it is completely impossible to draw." Japan’s Kawasaki Biological Company research shows that Wuhan is not the origin of the virus. The high probability is the conclusion of the United States.

Recently, a Chinese spokesperson said on Twitter that more than 9 people died from the flu in the United States in September last year. In fact, many of them were caused by the new crown virus. It was just that the United States did not test it at that time. During the Military Games, it was American soldiers who brought the virus to Wuhan. He also cited a conspiracy theory website that said the virus was produced by a US laboratory. This statement made U.S. President Trump embarrassed, and simply referred to the new crown pneumonia as "Chinese pneumonia", which caused discrimination and harm to Chinese Americans, and even Chinese people all over the world came to blame. I have never figured out why the virus was first transmitted in Wuhan, while the Chinese actually blocked the border and could not get out. Take Australia as an example. At present, almost all cases are mainly from the United States, followed by Iran and Italy. It seems that the world The epidemic of this virus is not the same as China's, but is related to the United States. Even the Australian Prime Minister said that the United States needs to be primarily responsible for the spread of the new coronavirus in Australia. I think that if it is circulated or leaked by American laboratories, this statement is unreliable, because if this is the case, the US government will not take the new crown virus so lightly last year and this year. This is the same as the Wuhan laboratory virus leak statement, logically Untenable. But there is indeed a high possibility that the virus came from the United States, because the U.S. official also said that more than 1 people died from the flu in the United States last year (the real number may be more than 1, Trump himself said to reporters) Many of them are new coronaviruses, but they were not tested at that time. Despite this, the WHO also said, do not associate the virus with any country, race, or even animal, so we will not call this virus "American virus", but the Prime Minister of Australia also said that the United States should be concerned about the Australian new crown virus pandemic. Take the main responsibility. Before the word was over, another 3-member American tour group was quarantined in Adelaide, Australia, and at least 18 of them tested positive.