According to the latest information provided by the Good Universities Guide website (Good Universities Guide) for 2021, the percentage of full-time employment and starting salary for graduates of the University of Canberra (UC) ranked first in the Capital Administrative Region (ACT) in the third year.

The Excellent University Guide website is Australia's largest course comparison website, providing services such as university appraisal, course search and career information, and is widely used in school and career consultation.

In the professional disciplines of architecture, business, communication, information, law, nursing, medicine and education, the University of Canberra’s nearly 90 indicators including teacher quality, learning resources, teaching experience, skills development, student support and full-time employment are listed in ACT universities Both ranked first. The University of Canberra also ranks among the best in terms of social equality, first-generation college students (parents with no university education), learning resources, skill development and learning support. The quality of teaching at the University of Canberra is maintained at a five-star level, ranking among the top 20% in Australia.

According to a report on the official website of the University of Canberra, President Paddy Nixon said: “The University of Canberra is committed to ensuring that graduates have work experience and are prepared for employment. Work-based learning is an important part of each degree.”

Nixon said that the University of Canberra is committed to everyone's access to higher education and has performed well in terms of social equality and the first generation of college students.

Last Thursday (August 8), in accordance with the School Recommendation Program (SRS), the University of Canberra has issued more than 13 early admission notices to students in the ACT and surrounding areas. The school recommendation plan refers to the school’s evaluation of students’ ability to receive higher education and consideration of various factors such as grade 1000 results, and recommend grade 11 students to the university.

The University of Canberra provides an Uplift Package, which aims to provide students or school leavers affected by the epidemic with multiple ways to study at the University of Canberra. In addition to the school recommendation program, it also includes the Educational Opportunity Program (EAS) and works Admission (Portfolio Entry) plan, etc.

Nixon said that UC worked with many ACT schools to develop upgrade packages to ensure that they meet the needs and best interests of the school and its students. He believes that through the upgrade package, 12th grade students will not be delayed in college due to the epidemic. Through the Educational Opportunity Program, disadvantaged students can get ATAR (Australian Higher Education Admission Ranking System) bonus points to help them enter university. This year's EAS will provide additional ATAR points for students whose parents or guardians have at least three months of work (Jobkeeper) or JobSeeker (JobSeeker) allowance.

Using work admission instead of ATAR admission can help students study art and design courses. UC can decide whether to admit in advance based on the 5 creative works submitted by students.

Editor in charge: Tian Yuan