Melbourne is going to build a new mask factory! At least 2.4 million surgical-grade masks can be made every year

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An Australian medical supplies company has invested more than 3000 million Australian dollars to build a new factory in Campbellfield, an industrial area in Melbourne, and quickly build a new production line that can produce at least 2.4 million surgical-grade masks every year.
After Softmed expands its production capacity, it will be able to manufacture enough masks to support Australia through the new crown epidemic or any future crisis.

The company is a sister company of the global sourcing and logistics company Forward Express. It used to specialize in the production of compression stockings, but partner Mick Shaheen said that when a forest fire broke out last summer and most of Australia was covered in smoke, the company He began to consider expanding his business to the field of masks.
Sahin told the Australian Financial Review that he hopes that by the end of this year, Softmed can produce a full set of personal protective equipment including protective clothing locally to meet Australia's needs.
"We started from the procurement business of the medical industry... When the new crown occurred, we happened to have the time, location and professional knowledge," he said. "We have connections with major factories all over the world."
“Australia lacks a lot of personal protective equipment and everything is imported from overseas. We know that Australia needs to be self-sufficient in order to maintain its population and medical industry...we can produce locally from scratch.”

"The use of masks will decrease, but we need to be prepared for epidemics and any natural disasters that may occur, so we will produce emergency personal protective equipment reserves."
The raw materials for masks and other personal protective equipment will mainly come from Victorian suppliers, and only those that cannot be purchased locally will be imported from overseas.
In addition to spending A$3000 million to set up a factory in Campbellfield, Softmed will also spend A$3500 million to build a reserve of personal protective equipment for future needs. So far, these expenses are self-funded.
In addition to selling masks locally in Australia, Softmed will also export masks to the United States, Europe and the Middle East.
The 3500 square meter factory is equipped with an in-house testing laboratory that will soon be certified. The laboratory will test each batch of masks to ensure that its fluid resistance and protection against airborne particles meet the standards. This will be the second laboratory in the state to be accredited by the National Association of Testing Agencies.
Softmed general manager Sergiy Tsimidanov said that the factory also has its own disinfection facilities, so it can produce surgical-grade masks. They will use a special gas to sterilize the mask for 8-12 hours through the mask packaging to ensure that the product itself is sterile.
He said that anyone wearing Softmed masks can rest assured that these products are designed in accordance with the standards required by Australia.In the annual output of 2.4 million masks, 1.8 million are three-layer surgical masks, and the remaining 6000 million are P2/N95.
Sahin said that the new production line took only five months to complete, and it usually takes at least one year.
Although these masks will be supplied to medical professionals, they will also be sold to ordinary Australians through retailers including Chemist Warehouse. Sahin said that he hopes Softmed can become the world's leading supplier of personal protective equipment. "The first batch of masks has been produced. In the next six to eight weeks, when our disinfection facilities are activated, protective caps, protective clothing, etc. will be produced."

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