Passengers complain about cancellation of flights but no refunds

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After the reopening of domestic travel in Queensland, thousands of originally cancelled flights could not be refunded, causing complaints from affected passengers. The Consumer Council said that since the probability of getting the money back is not high, they are trying their best to urge travel agencies and airlines to take more appropriate actions to reduce the blow to passengers.

According to the Express Post News Network, as the CCP virus (Wuhan pneumonia) continues to spread, border restraints and quarantine policies are constantly being updated; and the nature of domestic travel is also constantly changing.



During the epidemic, many customers involved are struggling with airlines to get refunds after their flights are cancelled. However, passengers are reminded to be familiar with the travel agency’s reservation and refund policies before booking.

Kate Bower, a travel expert at the Consumer Council (CHOICE), said that any interstate travel reservation must be clearly aware of possible border closures and restrictions in the future. She said: “The best way to protect yourself is to read the detailed regulations clearly and carefully before making a payment; in particular, you must carefully understand its refund policy and shipping regulations.”

Ms. Bower said that some travel agencies and airlines did not perform well. Thousands of passengers were delayed for months, waiting for refunds after their flights were cancelled. She said: "This is simply unacceptable."

CHOICE urges travel agencies and airlines to process refund matters as soon as possible and notify customers in time. They also encourage airlines and travel agencies to provide updates on the epidemic situation and refund policies on their websites, and provide customers with accurate and up-to-date information.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) stated that travel insurance does not cover flight cancellations caused by the virus. Its rights advocate Adam Glezer (Adam Glezer) said that the good relationship between the tourism industry and its customers has been damaged. He said: "I believe that the current consumer confidence in the tourism industry is at the lowest level in history." "In order to promote the tourism industry, ACCC recently issued a practical guide, which has come into effect in July, and hopes to begin to solve it. There are some problems. However, there is a long way to be overcome."

After Ms. Tracy Goddard from the Gold Coast cancelled five reservations at the end of March, the dispute with Jetstar has only begun. She said: "I asked for a refund, but I was informed that I could only receive one credit. So I accepted the credit."

However, after discovering that a colleague had received a refund due to a similar situation, she asked Jetstar to arrange another discussion meeting. During the meeting, she requested a full refund of the over 5 yuan paid for the five cancelled flights; however, it was rejected. The reason is that I have already chosen credit coupon payment before, so I cannot change to refund.

Goddard said that the situation has not made progress, but she is not prepared to give up. She said: "The truth is, they have taken my money, but they have not provided me with the services that have been paid for."

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