A new Australian Chinese Museum will be built in the prosperous Chinatown of Sydney to let more people know about the outstanding contributions made by the Chinese in the history of more than 200 years since the founding of Australia. The project is currently in the preliminary planning stage.

The board of directors of the Australian Chinese Museum is chaired by the former Australian Person of the Year and Australian AC Medal winner Dr John Yu (Dr John Yu). The vice-chairman is Australia’s first ambassador to China and AO Medal winner Dr Stephen FitzGerald. ).

Faith Fen said that the museum will conduct unique collections and research, so that communities in Australia and abroad will have more opportunities to learn about the outstanding contributions of Chinese Australians in Australia's 200-year history. "In addition to preserving important cultural sites, archives and objects related to Chinese in Australia, the museum will also record the oral history of Chinese immigrants and their descendants, and cooperate with other organizations to promote research on Chinese communities around the world."

The museum is in the preliminary planning stage, and the board of directors is selecting interested investors to jointly raise funds for museum construction.

"This museum is located in the heart of Sydney's vibrant Chinatown and will operate as a non-profit organization." Faithful said, "The board of directors is actively looking for an executive management team to advance this project."

Guy Hedley, executive director of Atlas Advisors Australia, a fund management and investment advisory company, said he is very optimistic about the prospects of the museum's new project. The company also encourages interested investors to invest in the project.

Editor in charge: Yue Ming