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Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus
The situation in Australia is not optimistic
Accompanied by border blockade, economic downturn, unemployment,
Many people begin to experience various anxiety
New confirmed cases every day
Increasing death toll
Make people restless
Even panic, anxiety and depression etc...

Australians have also established many groups, such as joint defense groups, loving food delivery groups, isolation groups, returning home exchange groups, stranded groups, etc...

These groups provide people with a good platform for communication and mutual assistance.

However, what is speechless is that

The two mothers quarreled because of their disagreements in the group
Gradually evolved into an offline contract
Last double injury hospitalized

Also alarmed the police
Become a "joker" that major media are vying to report...

It's really shocking...
It's Aunt Jiang's

On January 1 this year, at the beginning of the outbreak, 28-year-old Jiang Mengli and 33-year-old Liu Jing had a heated discussion on the risk of the new crown virus in a WeChat group.

Who knows that the more you talk, the more intense
No one can convince the other
Discussion turned into quarrel

After arguing in the group for a long time, the two still felt that they were not enough to relieve their anger.

Jiang Mengli exposed her address in the group,

Not convinced, let's continue to argue offline!

Liu Jing heard, who is afraid of whom?!

He immediately brought another member of the group to find Jiang Mengli.

As soon as they met, the two quarreled. Speaking of the excitement, the words were not enough for the two of them, and they started a physical conflict:

Pushing, slapping, pulling hair...

Although bystanders tried to persuade them, they still failed to stop it.

Finally hit two people fell to the ground
Are a little unconscious

Afterwards, the police and an ambulance rushed to the scene and sent the two people to Northern Beaches Hospital.

It can be said that these two mothers took out all their energy to give birth, so the scene was extremely tragic, bruises and swelling appeared on their bodies.

One of the mothers needed a brain scan due to a brain attack to confirm whether she had a concussion.

The other mother needed an X-ray on her shoulder. In addition, her cut neck, bruised and swollen arms, and chest needed treatment.

A few days later, the Northern Beaches Police Department described the two men fighting each other on Facebook.

They also succeeded in attracting the attention of major media.

The case is heard in Sydney Manly Magistrates Court
The two Chinese women who participated in the "covenant" were sentenced to a two-year observance order

The two were initially charged with nuisance, but the police subsequently dropped the charges.

In the subsequent trial, Jiang Mengli and Liu Jing both admitted that they had committed

Ordinary assault

The lawyers representing both parties stated that

The person is very remorseful for his actions

Prosecutor Scott Williams believes that the brawl appeared to be premeditated.

In the end, this farce ended with Jiang Mengli and Liu Jing both sentenced to two years of observance, but no conviction record will be left.

Write at the end

The impulse is refreshed for a while, but the consequence is heartbroken.

Now that the epidemic is raging around the world, at this critical period, it is even more necessary for each of us to work hard and unite to fight the epidemic.

Jiang Mengli and Liu Jing Not only did he fail to argue who was right and who was wrong, but he was also sentenced to a two-year observance order. It’s not worth the gain...

So the editor reminds everyone, don’t do such things on impulse, and meditate on your own:

Impulse is the devil! Impulse is the devil!