This time the new crown virus has conquered cities and land. I originally thought that China had controlled the epidemic and the world would be peaceful. However, I did not expect that the origin of the virus might not be in China. It saw that China could not attack for a long time, and it began to wreak havoc on others. The country first conquered Asian regions such as Japan, South Korea, and Singapore, and then taught the unruly European people, beat Italy, and then taught European countries and the United States. It has brought fear, anxiety, and pain to the people of the world. At the same time, it is forcing the people of the world to reflect and make progress.

Taoism pays attention to "yin and yang", saying that everything has both yin and yang. A murderer or a corrupt person is likely to be a kind father or mother at home, a star representing a hero in everyone’s mind, privately Li is likely to be an irresponsible father, even dare not even admit to being a father. The same is true for the coronavirus. While it has caused us human suffering, it must have its positive side.

First of all, it is trying to make people need to change their customs at very moments. If they do not change, they will die. For example, we Chinese people can't even use the Spring Festival. In the past, the old men liked to get together to eat and drink, but now they are forced to stay at home, take care of their families, and have better communication with them. Originally, we didn’t use public chopsticks when we went to a banquet together. As long as one person had a similar infectious disease, the entire table would be served in one pot. Now they are forced to divide meals, and every two tables are separated by at least 1 meter. This shows that many people's habits and customs can be changed in times of crisis. If you don’t want to change, then Italy is a good example. They don’t want to be quarantined, they don’t want to wear masks, and they don’t want to change the traditional kissing ceremony. Then take a look at this article, how did the Italian sickness number rise from 3 to 7300 Yes, the virus is not polite, nor is it emotional or rational, it only obeys one "Tao."

Secondly, it also forces people to change their existing work and study habits, so that people can be forced to work remotely. Unfortunately, remote work is only possible for certain types of jobs, such as IT, software development, or Designers, many service industries are still unable to work from home. For example, shopping malls need to continue to develop technology. Users can visit virtual shopping malls. The waiters facing them have virtual artificial intelligence, or they may be real people. How exciting, and then they can use computers Simulate to try on clothes. After ordering, payment is made with digital currency. The goods are sent to home by drone or unmanned car. Students are now able to take classes online. Think about the fact that I failed to make the entrepreneurial project about digital voice network classrooms. It is a great pity in my life. If the Internet speed is faster, plus virtual reality technology, teachers and Students and colleagues can interact like the characters in "Star Wars". Even at this time, you can also hold a cocktail party on the Internet. Everyone drinks and chats, and it’s good to think about it. We must stay there until then. .

The virus isolates people at home and evolves into a self-sufficient small farmer economy in the new era. If you can grow vegetables, fruits, green onions, and radishes in your backyard and on the balcony, you can reduce the burden on supermarkets. I see many farmers on the oil pipeline. , I ran back to my mountain. I raised chickens, ducks and pigs from home. I picked fruits and vegetables from my yard when I needed them. Even water can be drawn down from the mountain, making my life so happy. This stimulates urbanites to no longer be able to stretch out their mouths when they have money, and they need to do it themselves, have enough food and clothing, and get closer to nature.

There is also the development of globalization. This is the process of mutual penetration of the economy and culture of various countries and peoples, and the survival of the fittest. There must be winners and losers. The losers will inevitably resist strongly, which leads to the emergence of various contradictions, such as racial discrimination. Its essence is envy, jealousy and hatred, such as Brexit, such as Trump, such as a selfish, unsentimental businessman who can be elected president of the United States, can also be understood as a sudden wake-up call for losers. The new crown virus has allowed countries to temporarily block their country’s doors and reflect on their past gains and losses and how to deal with the future development and penetration of globalization. This gives the losers a chance to breathe, but the trend of globalization penetration is still inevitable. Cars and airplanes have shortened the geographical distance of human beings. The Internet, telephone and telecommunications have facilitated the exchange of human information. Nowadays, companies whose stocks are likely to be issued on a stock exchange in a country that is not related to their own country. The people of many countries are bound, and the emergence of Bitcoin has even allowed the people of the world to use currencies that are not issued by any government. Some people say that the new crown virus epidemic sounds the death knell of globalization. I don’t think so. This view may be right in the short-term. This short-term may be half a person’s life, but the long-term trend of globalization is inevitable. Similar to a correction wave in the stock market's rising wave. The new crown virus also gives people an opportunity to see themselves and their government clearly. It is increasingly difficult for governments to gain the trust of the people. In the future, if governments of various countries do not want to be decentralized, they need to learn from each other's strengths and become more It is more efficient, instead of being driven by people's petitions, acting only when something goes wrong, rather than preventing it in advance.