Two Chinese women operating a "brothel" in the suburbs of Adelaide were convicted and fined for violating epidemic prevention restrictions.

According to NCA Newswire, on Monday, August 8, Junhua Liu, 24, and Su Cheng Lai, 50, were sentenced in the Port Adelaide District Court.

The court learned that in May this year, an undercover police officer visited a house in Croydon Park, a northern suburb of Adelaide. After Lai opened the door, Liu accepted the massage fee. Subsequently, the police charged four women.

The police prosecutor said that because the police suspected that someone had violated the social distancing and epidemic prevention regulations, they visited the site in April and had “noted” the organization at that time.

Liu's defense, Paul Kelly, said his client moved to Australia in 2018 and had received very limited education in China. "She can't even speak a little English." He said, "Her wrong decision was due to a complete lack of education." Kelly said that Liu was worried about her visa status and would be deported back to China.

Lai’s lawyer said that Lai did not make money from the massage business, but just rented out rooms.

The court learned that the two women have now left the industry and regretted their actions. But the prosecutor said that Lai had been convicted in 2018 for operating a brothel.

Magistrate Paul Foley convicted them all and sentenced them to a fine of 700 Australian dollars each. Both pleaded guilty to the charge of not following the instructions.

Foley stated in the sentencing of Lai that the organization did not consider epidemic prevention measures to protect public health. "You and others have violated this rule by operating a brothel," he said. "Your past history shows that you have been in this business for some time."

In Liu's judgment, Foley said that the seriousness of the violation has been clearly demonstrated in the spread of the epidemic in other states. He said: "This is a serious violation of the regulations."

In May, another woman related to the case was adjourned to trial in September, and the court sentenced the fourth defendant involved in the case last month.

Editor in charge: Chen Ziyu