Violent wind hits 9.5 houses in Victoria

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On Thursday night, violent winds hit Victoria. Night wind speeds in some areas reached 124 kilometers per hour. More than 9.5 houses in Melbourne and the southern part of the state were without electricity. Trees that collapsed in the strong wind have killed three people, including a 4-year-old boy.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, near the evening that afternoon, squally winds passed through Melbourne from southern Victoria and moved towards the northeastern part of the state. As of 11pm on Thursday, of the more than 1750 calls received by emergency services, 85% were reports of tree collapse, and another 10% were related to building damage.

Many trees collapsed in the strong wind, causing many injuries or deaths. A boy in Blackburn South, Melbourne was hit by a fallen tree and died after being sent to the hospital.

In Melbourne's Belgrave district, a 59-year-old man from Tecoma was hit by a fallen tree and died when he drove out of a shopping mall parking lot.

In addition, in Fernshaw (Fernshaw) in northeastern Victoria, a car was driving along the Maroondah highway at about 6:50 pm that day when a tree on the side of the road suddenly fell and hit the car. The 36-year-old woman in the passenger seat died instantly. The driver was a 24-year-old male from Flinders who suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital.

The worst-hit areas in Melbourne include Mount Evelyn, Belgrave, Croydon, Lilydale and Mount Waverley.

According to Ausnet Power, there are still 5.2 users in eastern Victoria that have not restored power; Powercor also has 600 users still out of power, most of them concentrated in the Otway Ranges and Colac in the southwest. .

The Emergency Rescue Service (SES) urges motorists, especially when driving in eastern Melbourne and Yarra Valley, to be alert to road conditions, slow down, and pay attention to fallen branches and gravel.

Editor in charge: Yue Ming

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