Recently, I saw a UBS research report that more than 80% of Chinese women have paid great attention to managing their short-term financial affairs, that is, "financial management."
In the past, the arguments about "women prefer to spend money and purchase packages" are becoming increasingly untenable.
that's the truth.
As the stock market rose sharply in the previous period, the female friends around me, whether experienced or inexperienced, are all eager to try.
However, there are also many misunderstandings about financial management. There is a reply on the Internet that directly laughed at people:
Excuse me?
This friend, your understanding of financial management is a bit narrow--Why don't you consider saving money as financial management?
Broadly speaking, everything that involves managing wealth can be called financial management.
And financial management is far less complicated than imagined. As long as there is money in hand, whether voluntarily or forcedly, most people are already half-footed into the financial management circle.
It's just that most of the financial management that died before they died in the step of saving money.
As an old leek that has grown up on the road of financial management for 4 years, I want to share with you a few immature money saving experiences.
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It's a medicinal primer for moonlight
I often hear colleagues complain that the money disappears at the end of the month. Maybe it is simple to understand the principle of saving money, but I just can't control this hand.
in fact,The root cause of Moonlight is that every time you spend money, you feel that there is still left in the card.
But I'm sorry, it's all hallucinations, it's better to start bookkeeping.
It should be emphasized that the point of bookkeeping is not to record how much money is spent each month, but to remind you of how much money is left in the current month's budget every time a sum of money is spent.
When you choose a fashionable shirt and prepare to pay, but see that there is only 1% of the budget left, you touch your conscience and ask, can you get this cruel hand to your wallet!
You know, bookkeeping is a long-term trick to catch a big fish. Don't complain for two days and complain about not seeing the results. Practice it for more than half a year.
According to this idea,You'd better have an accounting app, and there must be 2 modules, one is budget, the other is category,It's best to be like this:
Note: The app in the screenshot has been taken down due to its age and neglect of updates, but you can find any app with the above two functions. It is really not good. Take the top 5 in the app store and pick the most pleasing to the eye Can be.
At this time someone wants to ask again,How is the monthly budget determined?
Several ways:
  • Monthly income minus the amount of money you want to save.

Example: 8000 (salary)-3000 (hope to remainder) = 5000 (budget)

  • Take how much money you spent last month as a benchmark.

Example: At the end of the month, there are 1000 left in the card, which means 7000 was spent, and this number can be used as a budget temporarily.

  • Compare the total consumption of multiple months, remove the highest value and remove the lowest value, and take the average.

Example: Three months out of six months spent about 5000, and the other two months spent 2000 and 8000 respectively, then the budget is 5000.
The budget is set, when you spend moneyIt is necessary to compare the budget at any time.
If you fancy a pair of trousers worth 800 yuan in the middle of the month, open the accounting app at this time and find that the budget is still 1000. Then you have to calculate it. After digging out the 800, the remaining 200 is enough for you to spend the next half month of?
Every extra oneYou make less money while lying down The second reason why you can’t save money is because you think it’s useless to save money. How many people have listened to the slander, saying that bank interest rates are too low, and they can't run out of 3% annual inflation, and money will eventually become a pile of waste paper. I'm sorry, but I have one question. How can I manage money without the principal? Air? Many people complain that saving money is painful and spending money happily. I think we should use reverse thinking to change this mentality. When saving money, you must not think that you are forcing yourself to save money. You have to think about it the other way around, you are making money by lying down!

It is very simple to calculate an account. Assuming that your annual income is 10%, if you spend more than 2000 per month, you will spend 24000 more in a year, and you will earn 2400 less! If the above numbers seem a bit pitiful, then settle the account. Assuming that you can save 5000 in a month, you can save 60000 in a year, multiply the annual income, and you will earn 6000.
If you increase your principal, you will earn a lot more in the future. You can save 10000 in a month, and then 120000 in a year, with a net profit of 12000! You have all the funds for changing a new mobile phone or going out to travel! The increasing inflation rate also provides us with an excellent reference standard, that is,No matter what your financial plan is, its rate of return must be able to beat inflation.Only in this way can it be guaranteed that assets will not shrink.
Wake up
Your consumption records are calling for your consumption downgradeThe third reason for not saving money is that there are too many necessities, and every one of them must be bought. Patting his chest and asking myself, is it true? At this time, consumption classification comes in handy. Budgeting can help you tighten your belt and remind yourself not to spend too much time, while classification can help you plan in advance, which part of the money can be saved, and which part of the money must be spent. Make a table to list your monthly expenses and specific categories, and calculate how much money you spend on each category and month. Then you will be pleasantly surprised to find that you can spend thousands on snacks. You can buy skin care products for XNUMX yuan, and you can even drink coffee and milk tea for XNUMX yuan. What should I do with this form? Generally speaking, the consumption categories of social animals are quite regular.It is nothing more than divided into several categories, such as shopping, breakfast, lunch and dinner, coffee drinks, entertainment movies, and books. When you have more than 3 months of accounting records, you can basically figure out your habitual consumption structure. Take out a piece of paper and a pen at random, or open Excel, and fill in the form for each transaction in 3 months. Note that it is the consumption record of each transaction according to the category.

The yellow part in the table indicates that the budget is not exceeded, and the red part indicates that the budget is exceeded.

The above picture is my own calculation table, you can design your own, and the items are clear and clear. After the statistics are completed, we begin to calculate the average consumption of each category in the past few months. If you want to save more money every month, then you have to analyze one by one, where you can save money or not. I guess I know it blindly, usually shopping is delayed. So, let’s dismantle the shopping item, such as the monthly necessities, such as skin care products, daily necessities, clothes, etc. How much does it cost? Which must be bought and which can be downgraded.
For example, can I use up an essence and buy it again, or change to a cheap substitute instead of hoarding a lot of them at once; for example, can I reduce the number of clothes from 2 pieces per month to 1 piece in two months and change from a big brand to Uniqlo? After such a calculation, I was surprised to find that every amount of money spent in some places was inconspicuous, and an extra one was scary.For example, I can spend 426.4 yuan per month on coffee and beverages? Hello? Am I a rich senior woman? How can I have this milk tea and coffee freedom?

After reflection, my remedy is to set the purchase frequency and stipulate that I can only buy drinks once a week. Coffee or milk tea does not matter. It is just that I cannot spend more than 60 yuan in the beverage category per week, so as to ensure that it will not exceed 250 a month. If you hold back not buying this week, you can reward yourself with two drinks next week. This method not only saves money, but also continues to exercise the ability to delay gratification.When you discourage yourself every time to save your budget, slowly, whether in consumption or in life, you can gradually taste the joy of delayed gratification. The same goes for other categories. Memorize how many and how much you can buy for each category in this table and strictly enforce it. After the calculation, you should eat the canteen. Don’t be old-fashioned takeaways. You should use Luckin wool and Luckin wool. Don’t take away Starbucks.
From then on, your world is full of calm, because you find that if you just go to the supermarket and buy an internet celebrity popsicle, the budget for desserts this month will be over.
From old leekLast trickIf you feel that all of the above require self-discipline, the concubines really can't do it. Then I will provide another ultimate move. At present, most wealth management apps or securities apps all have regular transfer functions. According to the set date and the amount of money, your money can instantly flow into the market to buy wealth management before it gets too hot.

If the initiative doesn't work, then passively. Think of it as a way to force yourself to open the door to "financial management" in the general sense. I hope today’s article is useful to you. If there is a better way, please communicate with me in the message area~

Are you a spender or a saver?