This is the most dramatic scene of the world Internet
The US government wants to block a Chinese company
The Chinese company is ready to sell
Instead, American users stood up to resist

Heaven, the compromise between Zhang Yiming and byte is well known.

Su Xun predicted the outcome of this "compromise" in "Six Kingdoms":
"Fengzhi is more complex, the more urgent the invasion."

When Qin unified the Six Kingdoms, the more land he gave to it, the more urgent it was to invade.

"With the local affairs Qin, I still hold the salary to fight the fire, the salary is endless, and the fire is never extinguished."

Serving Qin with the land is like holding firewood to fight a fire. The fire will not go out until the firewood is burned out.
Facing the encirclement and suppression of the United States——

Is it really useful to repeatedly choose "compliance with local laws and regulations" to retreat in the overseas market by byte beating, and to fight the fire?

Among the many private enterprises in China, there are still not many that truly go global and occupy the status of the blue ocean.

TikTok, as an overseas version of "Tik Tok", is one of them.
Finally, it became the target of Internet companies such as Facebook competing to imitate content, but they encounteredHistoric Waterloo-

Not only was it banned by the US government, TikTok's US business was also rumored to be taken over by Microsoft.

Judging from the statement issued by ByteDance:

There are three implications.

First, it has encountered unprecedented suppression in the international environment recently;
The second is to stick to the vision of globalization;
The third is to abide by laws and disciplines and actively defend rights.

TikTok, like the domestic Douyin, has quickly captured overseas users since its emergence in the market. Provides a short video creative platform for tens of millions of users.

Since Trump announced on the evening of July 7 that TikTok will be prohibited from operating in the United States, Vanessa Pappas, the general manager of TikTok in the United States, has responded on Twitter:
TikTok will operate in the United States for a long time, "not going anywhere."

But in fact, there has been a trend on the Internet since yesterday that Bytedance agreed to divest TikTok's US business.

Reuters reported thatTrump has agreed to give ByteDance 45 days to negotiate the sale of TikTok to Microsoft.

If there are no accidents, China's "overseas version of Douyin" will soon be taken over by the United States.

However, just when people thought that Microsoft was about to succeed in taking over, the US media heard a voice saying--

Trump opposes acquisitions and tends to block TikTok across the United States.

Today, Microsoft's external news is that it is still working hard to promote this acquisition.

The United States banned TikTok at this juncture. The real internal cause is not necessarily out of fear of "Chinese power."

TikTok, as a network platform where everyone can speak, has been downloaded more than1.65 billionTimes, every month6500-8000Active users’ sharing of videos reflects the voice of the American people to a certain extent.

A considerable part of them are unfavorable voices for the Trump administration, including speeches and organizations related to climate change and the BLM movement.

Defend the people better than Fangchuan,

No matter how vigorous the government is to promote Trump's re-election, the most difficult thing to stop is the lingering crowd.

That's right, the ban on TikTok is a good time for the Trump administration to take advantage of this opportunity.

While blocking the channels for people to express their opinions, while continuing to wear the "Make America Great Again" hat, it can be described as a good hand.

Source: New York Times

For many Internet stars who have grown up on TikTok, this ban is undoubtedly a huge disaster.

They had to post various farewell statements on TikTok,

And invite fans to follow their personal accounts on Instagram, Youtube and other applications to transfer their positions.

Faced with such a sudden change, young American netizens have also stood up and asked#savetiktok

There are tears and voices,


The unreliable statement of hate...

There are also some witty netizens who "found a different way", telling everyone that they can continue to use TikTok by changing the geographic location of their mobile phones.

In short, netizens are struggling to keep the "American version of Douyin", the online habitat they depend on.

Even young American netizens can’t help but speak out against Trump’s ban on TikTok. Looking back at domestic voices——

TikTok's parent company Bytedance has yet to make a clear response to this matter.
Just a few years ago, Zhang Yiming himself devoted all his energy to the expansion of overseas markets.

Unexpectedly, only a few months later, TiKTok encountered Waterloo in the United States.

The separation of TikTok from the parent company of ByteDance and the sale to Microsoft means that TikTok will not hesitate to compromise and become pure capital in order to survive in the United States.
What can be exchanged for?

Trump changed his mind again.

Originally, as long as Microsoft acquired TikTok, Trump allowed TikTok to continue to live.

But Trump turned back, and Microsoft and ByteDance have now suspended their acquisition plans.
The plot seems to have twists and turns, but in fact, this is the real ending.

Both Zhang Yiming and Microsoft believe that as long as the team is clear and the company is handed over to the hands of American capital, TikTok can survive.

Beautifully named:Do not give up any exploratory possibilities
But the attitudes of Trump and Pang Pang seem to be saying:

"You thought I was on the first floor, but in fact I was on the fifth floor."

Trump doesn't care whether TikTok is a Chinese company or an American company.

People just hate you and want you to disappear.
Zhang Yiming probably never thought that the United States would give him such a stumbling block.

By "de-sinicization", "globalization", and "obeying the law", Byte has proved its innocence and simplified this plunder into a commercial competition with Facebook.

Does this strategy work?

Sorry, in Trump’s eyes, you are just sending freely voluntarily slaughtered fat as a tool for him to draw votes.

But Boss Zhang has always been full of "expectations" and "favors" for the United States.

I always feel that they will not, they are "better" than China.

After Zhang Yiming "bows his head" to the United States, Weibo was also "graved" by netizens.
A fire in Tennessee, the United States, once made Boss Zhang think about the benefits of American society.
There are also some comments that seem very ironic today-

and alsoIn the fourth case, it was shut down by the US government.

Do you love America, does America love you?

Judging from the current situation, the compromise between Zhang Yiming and Byte does not bring TikTok a better future.

Instead, he saw the greater ambitions of the United States.

Earlier, Microsoft only acquired TikTok's US business for $500 billion.

TikTok still has a lot of initiative in overseas markets other than the United States.

But from the current point of view, the U.S. political and business circles have seen the weakness and compromise of TikTok's top management, and they want to further seize greater benefits from TikTok.

The United States wants to completely control TikTok's global business layout in its own hands.

Netizens use bargaining to describe TikTok's strategy, although it is ridiculous, but very vivid:

Once the other party makes a price, you don't even return it, and the other party naturally feels that the price is high.

The Trump administration is pressing in step by step, and TikTok retreats and retreats, and other countries are likely to follow suit. After all, interests are eternal.

This is the result that the United States wants to see.
Seen"Chinese Partners"Everyone in this movie knows that its prototype is New Oriental.

One of the most obvious bridges is the beginning of the century, when the ETS institution of Princeton University sued the New Oriental Education Institution.

The reason for the complaint is also very simple, because New Oriental uses pirated copies all the year round without paying.

ETS presides over the TOEFL and GRE exams, but has never authorized GRE and TOEFL textbooks in the Chinese market.
ETS filed a lawsuit against New Oriental, and the team of lawyers hired by New Oriental felt that the lawsuit was bound to lose.

But I did not expect that in the end, ETS and New Oriental settled smoothly.
Because New Oriental deeply knew what ETS wanted.

It does not report early or late, and it is nothing more than money and market when New Oriental grows.

So there is a classic scene in the movie-

So, the root cause of the dilemma of Bytedance today
Is a misjudgment of the U.S. situation
Wishfully think that by emphasizing that you are an "American company"Can avoid blows
Too naive
I just want you to dieWho cares if you eat one bowl of noodles or two bowls of noodles? !

Trump is so anxious to engage in TikTok, in fact, it has nothing to do with whether TikTok is a so-called Chinese company.

Just take a look at the American youths who have responded well and know that TikTok has become a position of public opinion.

Although American companies such as Facebook and Twitter also have a lot of anti-Trump videos, Trump just sees you not pleasing to his eyes.

Even the release of the content audit algorithm code to the United States is still suspected.
Regardless of the rules, regardless of the country, Zhang Yiming and the investors behind him want to get out of it as soon as possible.

The future of Chinese companies cannot be pinned on the fantasy of charity.

Compromise will not return TikTok for a better ending.

If Zhang Yiming and ByteDance agree this time, they will "smoothly" split and sell Tik Tok's business in several countries to Microsoft.

That Zhang Yiming became the sinner of China's Internet, no, Chinese companies, no, China.

Because the U.S. can use Tik Tok as a case, and willfully destroy the overseas business of Chinese companies in the future.

In the future, no Chinese company will dare to go abroad.

In the future, no Chinese entrepreneur will dare to develop overseas business.

Chinese companies and technological advancements will once again be blocked in China,

The door of this wall was locked by Zhang Yiming himself.

His choice will determine the fate of Chinese companies' globalization in the coming decades, so it is not alarmist at all.

Huawei has suffered a lot more blows than ByteDance. Has anyone been persuaded?

Did they sell it?

If Zhang Yiming really surrendered in the end, then the end of Bytedance's domestic business will be miserable. He may not be accommodated in China.

Users will scold Bytedance as a "traitor," and the government will lose trust in Zhang Yiming and Bytedance, and other Internet tycoons will think he has no spine and ruin many people's future.

Don't even think about getting listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Investors will withdraw their capital. Yeah, who would dare to invest in a company that casually sold itself under pressure.

Even young Americans are supporting you to resist, how can you directly admit it?

I dare to predict that if Zhang Yiming admits this time, the Bytedance building will collapse in a very short period of time, and thousands of people will trample it.Because of his decision alone, the future of countless Chinese companies was sealed!

The last few pictures are given to ByteDance, and to Zhang Yiming himself, so you can do it for yourself.

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