The epidemic has lasted for several months. The second blockade in Victoria has caused a double blow to businesses. Many restaurants are still struggling and hope to get through this difficult period.

It is reported that under the application of restaurant employers, Victorians may soon receive free dine-in coupons.

Under the new plan, Victorians can choose a restaurant or bar and receive a $100 meal voucher. At present, the Australian restaurant industry organization is proposing to Governor Dan Andrews that this A$6.5 million plan can save the troubled restaurant industry.

On Monday, similar programs have been implemented in the United Kingdom and Tasmania, and the British government decided to provide a half-price discount for 4000 million meals.

Since Melbourne’s second lockdown, the curfew for residents has changed from 8 pm to 5 am, and shopping and exercise places cannot exceed 5 kilometers, and meals can only be ordered for takeout.

Wes Lambert, CEO of the Australian Catering Industry Organization, told the media that this subsidy program can quickly revive the catering industry.

"Unless people can eat in restaurants, everything will not return to normal."

Mr. Lambert suggested that after the curfew is lifted, every Victorian family should be issued

Meal vouchers up to 100 Australian dollars.

On Monday, the Tasmanian government launched the "Stay at Home" campaign. Within 40 minutes, Tasmanians snapped up vouchers worth 750 million Australian dollars.

The vouchers include a $100 accommodation discount and a $50 experience voucher, designed to encourage people to travel and eat out.

In August, the British government also provided residents with a half-price meal discount.

Mr. Lambert added: “The British government subsidized nearly 4000 million meals and successfully saved the catering group.” He said that the Australian states and the federal government may find it difficult to implement the new plan quickly, but they can follow Tasmania or the United Kingdom first. "This is the fastest and most effective way to help the hotel and catering industry get out of trouble."

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