Australia has always been very strict on vehicle safety supervision

Generally, a little bit of the vehicle needs to be reported to insurance

But recently, the financial services comparison website Finder investigated the real situation of more than 700 people in insurance.

But got amazing results

The survey showed that one in six respondents admitted that the act of failing to provide truthful information when applying for auto insurance would affect them in the future.

There are huge risks and even face denial of insurance

The company reported that the proportion of liars rose from 2018% in 8 to 13%. Their false information included: lying about their car at night

Stored in a garage instead of on the street or did not list other drivers on the insurance policy and conceal minor accidents that occurred in the past
According to Finder, young drivers under the age of 24 are the most serious liars. 32% of them admitted to having lied and were 56

Only 74% of people between the age of 3 lie

The company’s insurance expert Taylor Blackburn said lying about insurance applications can be a costly mistake and also

Will cause trouble to yourself. Failure to declare information in the application can be viewed as concealment. The consequence may be cancellation of the insurance policy or rejection of the claim and fraud due to insurance.

Prosecuted for fraud
Finder claims that the proportion of males and females involved in the investigation is quite high in lying, Victorians have the highest level of dishonesty across Australia

Some netizens said that if they really understand the insurance terms

You will understand that these liar insurance companies are completely "only the state officials are allowed to set fires and the people are not allowed to light the lights"

But the editor thinks

This insurance still has to be reported truthfully

Apart from other things, safety ranks first! What do you think?

Safety is the most important!