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Why do you treat China this way?

There are several news that have made Chinese netizens "a bit annoying recently."Of course, some of these news have not been confirmed and released through formal channels. They are released here for reference only:

Australia abandoned its cooperation with China in satellite stations;Canada abandoned free trade negotiations with China;The Swedish Aerospace Corporation will suspend ground stations to provide space cooperation;

The new Japanese Prime Minister approved the landing on the Jiange Islands (Diaoyu Islands) when he took office;Japan will provide hundreds of Indian aircraft to assist in defense exercises;Japan will take the lead in establishing a new ASEAN cooperation relationship that excludes China;…………

Not to mention the crowds in the South China Sea, not to mention the frequent provocations of India, not to mention the eagerness of small neighboring countries, and it is said that in October, North Korea’s No. XNUMX figure, Kim Yo-jong, is going to visit the United States secretly. More and more, the diplomatic situation becomes more and more complicated, and the situation becomes more and more urgent.

However, the center recently announced that they will not renew the contract with China after the contract expires.

According to a Reuters report on the 18th local time, Canadian Foreign Minister Shang Pengfei stated in an interview with The Globe and Mail that the trade agreement negotiations between Canada and China are “no longer worthy of further progress.” Free trade negotiations with China started after the Prime Minister of Canada visited China. He said in the interview: "I think based on the current situation, there are no conditions for these discussions to continue."

FX168 Financial News (North America) News from the Swedish state-owned aerospace company provides ground stations to help Chinese spacecraft fly and transmit data. The company said on Monday (September 9) that due to geopolitical changes, it will no longer renew contracts with China and will no longer accept new business from China.

02 What did China do wrong?

Earlier, Hu Xijin uttered a puzzling call to the sky: Why should socialist China be the target of the United States gathering some allies?

Of course, Lao Hu is pretending to be confused. His circumstantial remarks are only meant for certain people. He can’t tell the real truth, considering sensitive porcelain, so I won’t say it here. .

Therefore, the Hu fans can only follow him in the same hatred, grit their teeth and hate these pro-Americans.

In recent months, in addition to the comprehensive decoupling of trade, politics, and diplomacy by the United States through various means, alliances and countries that have made good relations with the United States have adopted various methods to disarm, confront, or provoke. In short, it embarrassed China. Ugly.

Although a lot of news is not reported by domestic formal channels, it has spread to a lot of people internationally. To a certain extent, it seems that most countries have stood on the opposite side of China overnight. It is no longer the relationship between you and China in the past few years. It seems that they have all begun to choose sides. The situation, hurriedly crossed lines with China.
What is all this for?

03 Would it be better to change the title?

In fact, if we want to change our mood and mentality, we only need to make some headline changes on the basis of these negative news. In this way, it is not that China has done something wrong, but that they are contrary to China.
For example:

Abandoning cooperation with China in satellite stations, Australia lost!

Canada regretted abandoning free trade negotiations with China!

This aerospace company will suspend ground station to provide space cooperation, Sweden can't support it!

The new Prime Minister approved the development of the Jiange Islands (Diaoyu Islands) when he took office, and Japan was self-defeating!

To provide India with hundreds of planes to assist in defense exercises, Japan dare to defeat once?

The lead will establish a new ASEAN cooperative relationship that excludes China. Japan wants to be beaten by a group?…………

how about it? With such a change, did Ah Q immediately possess his body and immediately have a "global" style, refreshed and high-spirited!

04 What can China do right?

Some people say that when we talk about the "double cycle" of the economy, talk about diligence and thrift, and talk about self-reliance, these are our "magic weapons" for dealing with the current complex situation.
In the final analysis, these are all helpless and passive. With the eyes of people past, who would have a good life, but how about living in the era of a closed, self-sufficient agricultural country?
Whether to passively choose autism or take the initiative to make a difference is a very realistic question.

There is a Chinese-American who once reflected on the so-called "Chinese model", which can be regarded as looking at ourselves from another perspective:

In the era of globalization, the world we live in is already so small, mutual interests are entangled, and collaboration is needed.However, there are many types of collaboration, including pure trade exchanges, soft power communication, and recognition of values.

Trade can bring wealth to each other, but it cannot bring understanding, let alone respect. Because human needs are multi-faceted, and material needs are only lower-level needs. As human beings, we naturally need self-satisfaction and self-realization. In this regard, "Made in China" needs more contributions. This means that we must have a deeper exploration of human nature, a more comprehensive grasp of civilization, and a more keen understanding of the feelings of others. We not only work for the world, but also give the world a value and let the people of the world They can feel the kindness, tolerance and self-sustainment that this ancient civilization should have.

To release the glory of human nature, there must be more balanced governance, more free space, and a hundred flowers blooming words and thoughts. Otherwise, it will lead to deception, hypocrisy and arrogance.

In fact, when the "Chinese model" is not completed, it currently only has a material basis and has not yet reflected more spiritual connotations. A generation of Chinese people still need to work hard. In this sense, it doesn't matter what we did wrong in the past, what matters is that we can do it right tomorrow.