In the past 24 hours
55 new confirmed cases in Victoria
8 more people died

According to the latest unblocking route
Victoria's lockdown will be extended for another two weeks
When the new lockdown measures expire
Melbourne will become the world’s
One of the longest blocked cities!

Melburnians, under strict isolation requirements
Spent most of 2020
But then, there are more cruel things...

Melbourne lockdown time: the longest in the world

Victoria Today55 new confirmed patients, 8 people died, of which 6 were related to the outbreak in elderly care facilities.

With the efforts of the medical team,The number of active cases in Victoria drops to 1696, A decrease of 85 cases from yesterday.

Today last month, Victoria is still struggling to add 600+ in a single day. Under the fourth stage of blockade, the epidemic control effect is remarkable:

According to the average model
Victoria’s average over the past 14 days has dropped to 89 cases

If the value can be stabilized below 9 cases on September 28
Then the Melbourne area is expected to be unblocked sooner

Melbourne alreadyI was quarantined for eight weeks from late March to early June, The blockade was postponed, and finally survived the first wave of outbreaks.

But what I didn’t expect was that the initial hidden loophole triggered a second spread.From July 7th, Melburnians ushered in another eight weeks.

If according to the expectations of the Victorian government
To continue to close until September 9
So the time Melburnians spent in the lockdown
Will reach nearly six months
Become one of the longest blocked cities in the world!

In these six months, Melburnians have experienced too much:

Overseas import of tourists in March
Prevent the emergency in April
Community infection chain of Cedar meat factory in May
Black Lives Matter parade in June

The second outbreak of the hotel epidemic in July
August’s lockdown "disaster state"
Until September, the outbreak in Melbourne continued...

In the past 200 days, we living in Melbourne have really experienced too much unforeseen and under tremendous pressure in life. We only hope that after this exceptionally long six months, we can usher in a Jedi reversal.
But recently, worrying things, one after another...

The bad thing please, start again

Although Victoria has strictly guarded against the epidemic, it has not been able to escape the cunning virus.

Just recently
Outlying areas of Victoria where the epidemic has just improved
Usher in the cluster outbreak again

The coming days will be more

 Colac reproduction clusterInfect 25 people a week

A resident in the Colac area went to a hospital in Melbourne to see a doctor.Carrying the new crown virus when returning to the local community, Triggered a second outbreak in the town.

The speed of the infection was shocking:

In just one week, the virus caused a series of infections among Bulla Dairy Food employees.Confirmed personThe number soared to 25 cases!

According to today's data
The only 82 active cases remaining in remote areas of Victoria
Most are located in Colac

The area experienced a community infection in the Colac lamb slaughterhouse in early August, when the epidemic was the worst.The number of viruses reached 8 on August 8.

People in the Colac area dominated by community transmission are once again in trouble:

Because this infected person who went to Melbourne hospital
Is in the "necessary travel" to see a doctor
Get the virus brought back!
It's really hard to guard against...

This second outbreak of dairy companies
If you don't stop it in time
Victorians want to truly unblock days
It's really going to be forever...

The number of detections plummeted, actually for the weekend

Victoria in the past 24 hours
Only 8704 cases of new coronavirus were tested
Become the lowest number tested in a few months!

The phrase "test immediately when symptoms appear" is said by the health authorities almost every day.But with the passage of time, people no longer care...

Kym Wade, a staff member of the COVID screening department at Melbourne Hospital, said:

Most people with symptoms
It usually takes four days to choose to be tested!

The residents' behavior is very different from the governor's painstaking advice!It can be seen that there are still many people who are lucky,I want to wait until my symptoms really get worse after 4-5 days before I go for testing.

There are even more absurd reasons-Wade reflects: "Some people who have symptoms should be tested on Thursday or Friday.But because they wanted to spend the weekend freely and did not want to stay at home, they postponed the necessary tests. "

The blockade and curfew are not over yet
Still thinking about going out and spending the weekend freely?
Excuse Me?

And some people still stubbornly believe that their health is good and the chance of infection is very low.Do not want to delay re-employment due to testing and quarantine.

These reasons
In the most critical second half of the fight against the epidemic
It's too shameful...

Obviously, they have not considered that once they relax their vigilance now, all the efforts and sacrifices they have made will fall short...

Victoria will have a 60% chance

Ushering in the third wave of epidemic

Due to economic pressure, Victorian small and medium-sized enterprises complained repeatedly.Victoria's "extra-long standby" has attracted huge backlash from people from all walks of life.

But for the health of residents
The Victorian Minister of Health stated
If we move too fast
The probability of triggering the third wave of epidemic before Christmas is more than 60%!

According to the model established by the University of Melbourne and the University of New England, if Melburnians start to relax now,So what awaits us at Christmas is not the relaxation of cross-state travel, but the third wave of the epidemic..

The governor also agreed: "People may only enjoy two weeks of freedom, followed by a surge in cases, and then they will have to go back to lockdown again."

Although it is such a reason
But it has been blocked
No one can stand it

The extension of Level XNUMX lockdown and extension, Melbourne has done this, but there are always some people who are still disobedient and not tested.No matter how long the city is sealed, what use is it?

The coming days will be harsher...

Obviously, simply using blockade to solve all problems is fatal to Victoria's economy and residents' lives.

Morrison also commented on the state of Victoria and directly pointed out the defects of Victoria:"Better sanitation measures are better than strict lockdown restrictions."

Hardcore tracking and monitoring
Victoria is next
The problem that should be solved most!

This time, Victoria tookPositive response, In the last few weeks, the lives of Melburnians will not improve significantly,The restrictions will be more cruel...

Still breaking the rules? Installation monitoring everywhere

In order to more effectively control outdoor pedestrian flow and hunt down violators,In the near future, large public places such as Victoria Parks will gradually establish mobile monitoring devices.

It is understood that the monitoring plan is a joint initiative of the Victoria City Council, the police department and the federal government to strictly control outdoor offenders at the last minute.

Although the police are doing their best to arrest and sanction people who violate the blockade regulations,But after all, the number of law enforcement personnel cannot reach the level of "a net of heaven and earth."

In order to improve the efficiency of law enforcement, in the future,The police will also deploy drones as part of air patrols,Strictly monitor beaches and large public places for violations.

Not to be tested? Arrange raids

Due to the continuous decline in the number of Victorian tests in the past two weeks
The governor is worried...

The governor announced today that in the coming weeks,Establish at least five tracking health centers in northern, southern, southeastern and western suburbs of Victoria, and have a "zero tolerance" attitude towards people's negative testing!

After the decentralized tracking points are established, the staff will be stationed in various suburbs for a long time.Bombard the potential source of community infection in turns.

Obviously, this "fixed-point raid" measure is more efficient and more long-term than the previous "large-scale guerrilla" detection.

I'll go if you don't come
If you hide from me, I will stop you at the door
I'm not here today, I will come tomorrow
Anyway, I’m here...

Using this hard-core approach, we have forcibly increased the number of tests in various parts of Victoria, while closely tracking the infected.


The governor stated that the current VictorianThe intensity of public health measures is unprecedented, The tracking work has been greatly improved compared to before.

Up to 92% of positive patients currently
And 99% of close contacts
Can be contacted within 24 hours
Compared to two weeks ago, it has improved greatly!

Although there have been improvements, the federal health authorities still expressed dissatisfaction, saying that Victoria's current health measures are not enough to fully deal with community transmission and unknown sources of infection.

So Victoria finally bowed its head obediently
Started sending someone to "copy homework"...

Not strong enough? Go to the field to learn!

As soon as Victoria's latest route was released, it attracted various discussions. Prime Minister Morrison and the Minister of HealthWhile commenting on the loopholes in Victoria, he also praised the performance of NSW.

NSW with the "gold standard"
Became a "child of someone else's family"

This time, in order to learn from and catch up with the "golden benchmark" of tracking the epidemic in NSW next door, Victoria sent a "tracking team" to NSW to learn more.Understand the NSW "Seamless Tracking" operating system.

NSW also welcomed the Victorian team. Governor Berejiklian said:"New South Wales will do everything possible to help."

Under strict restrictions, the next few weeks
The life of Melburnians will be the same as most people
Different thoughts of gradually loosening up

The number of new additions will drop
But surveillance cameras will increase

The number of active cases will drop
The number of tests will increase everywhere

Viral growth factor will drop
But the number of contact tracking will increase

Victoria will not "acquiesce" to any relaxation of measures
Supervision of violations
It will only be stricter and crueler!