Today's blockbuster
There are 90 new confirmed cases in Victoria,6 people died unfortunately!
With double-digit growth for the third consecutive dayThe day of the fourth stage "unblocking" is getting closer!
This morning, after intense debateVictorian Parliament officially decided"State of Emergency" will be extended for 6 months
Until March next year!Heard the news
Some companies evacuated the originalPlan to invest 7000 million Australian dollars in Victoria!
But there is still good news,Governor proposedInterstate travel may soon be realized in the futureThe Victorian border is expected to open before Christmas!


There are 90 new cases in Victoria and 6 deaths! Maintain 2 digits for the third consecutive day

Victoria added today90 new crown cases.
Another 6 people unfortunately died of illness,
The cumulative number of deaths rose to 576.

Looking back at the newly confirmed diagnoses in the previous few days:
70 cases on Tuesday
73 cases on Monday
114 cases last Sunday
94 cases last Saturday

Active cases fell to 2415 in the state.
Compared with yesterday’s 2519,
The number of people cured is steadily increasing!

Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said,
Victoria "is on the right pathon",
But he does not expect to increase the data this Sunday to reach single digits.

Sutton said at the press conference yesterday,
"By mid-September, we will be close to single digits."
"But I don't know whether we will reach or greatly exceed this level, because there are still more than 100 active cases in the outbreak of the old hospital."
"There is still potential for communication in these environments."


Official announcement! The state of emergency in Victoria is officially extended for 6 months! The company heard that it immediately withdrew 7 million investment

In addition,
After an intense overnight debate last night,
The Victorian Parliament finally passed the proposal,
Announcing the state emergency extension for 6 months!

According to reports, at 2 AM on Wednesday,
The "marathon" meeting of the Victorian House of Lords ended,
This controversial proposal ended up with
Passed by a narrow margin of 20 votes to 19 votes
One who returned from maternity leave
The Green Party members cast a decisive vote!
Green Party member Samantha Ratnam brought her daughter to the parliament building
According to reports, Green Party MP Samantha Ratnam
Voted a crucial third neutral vote for the Andrews government,
The other two neutral members who voted yes
It's Fiona Patten, a member of the Reason Party, and Andy Meddick, a member of the Justice Party.

Victoria still has not completely eliminated the risk of the epidemic,
"Emergency" can give the chief health officer special rights.
So as to promulgate more restrictive measures to contain the epidemic,

It is reported that Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos
He was repeatedly questioned throughout the parliamentary speeches,
She told the council,
Those who voted against the bill were actually voting for the "third wave. "
"This epidemic will not end in two weeks.
In fact, it will not end in six months,
This will not end until 2021,
Because we know that there is probably no vaccine within six months..."

Although the extended state of emergency will benefit social health,
But it is undoubtedly a heavy blow to the local economic recovery and development.
Australian Industry Group (Australian Industry Group)
CEO Innes Willox said,
"Extension of the state of emergency
AssociationFurther dampened business confidence
Make planned investments and resume normal operations
It becomes more difficult! "

Willox said,
The government’s consultations with business leaders came too late this week.
And companies need to develop specific
Tax cut plans and other investment promotion policies.
Innes Willox (Image source: Internet)
He said in an interview:
[color=rgba(102, 102, 102, 0.8)]We still have six months of uncertainty. We don’t know when the Victorian government will use these powers or how they will use them.This means that companies cannot make clear plans.

[color=rgba(102, 102, 102, 0.8)]"This week, I learned from a member company that theyOriginally planned to invest 7000 million Australian dollars in Victoria, But has now decided to withdraw.

[color=rgba(102, 102, 102, 0.8)]They have told the Victorian government that they will choose other places,Who will invest in a state of emergency?"

Willox urges the Governor of Victoria to announce payroll tax cuts,
And a strategy to attract investment and create job growth.
他 说:
"What we heard from the Victorian government,
It actually reiterated what the company has been doing for months,
For example, develop a COVID plan, strengthen social distancing and so on. "

"This is still commonplace for companies,
What companies need is a real plan. "


The Victorian border is expected to open before Christmas! Governor: Nucleic acid certificate or interstate pass

Despite recovering the economy

There is still a long way to go,

But for the people of Victoria, the good news is

Domestic travel is promising
Can be achieved within this year!

The governor proposed,

The new crown test may be carried out on a family basis.

As a pass for cross-state travel during the Christmas holidays,

To reopen the state border.

Andrews confirmed,

He has discussed this idea with the Prime Minister,

And a series of possible options including temperature checks were discussed.

Governor urges Victorians to stay the course
Hope the border will reopen in time before Christmas!

Andrews said:

"I had a long talk with the Prime Minister last night,
The border issue is one of the core issues. "

"We all want to see that when summer comes,
When Christmas comes, we can move freely."

"May be tested before you travel,
When the number of cases is low,
The National Cabinet will discuss this issue on Friday."

But Andrews also warned:

"If Victoria opens up too quickly, we may re-enter the lockdown."

So in order to avoid this situation,

The governor has repeatedly called on the public to insist on complying with the restraining order.

In addition, it was revealed that

Body temperature detectionWill become the driver’s

Another test condition.

In addition, the governor also foretells restrictions in some areas with fewer cases,

It will be relaxed earlier than the Melbourne hotspot.

The governor pointed out that

The relaxation of restrictions in rural areas may give a huge boost to the regional economy.

"People will be able to come and consume in rural Victoria,
We will have freedom of movement that we have never had this year. "

In Parliament,

Morrison proposed to Andrews

Support for reopening the border before Christmas.

Morrison said:

"At Christmas,
Our goal should be to enable Australians to work,
Can be reunited with family on Christmas. "

"I can go back to see my friends,
And look forward to a positive 2021. "

"We cannot allow Australia to become a chaotic country under the epidemic."