U.S. President Donald Trump's niece Mary Trump once again publicly recorded an old conversation with her aunt Maryanne Trump Barry. This time Maryanne’s target was directed at her family, and her firepower was fully fired one by one. A member of the Trump family.

According to reports, these audio files were secretly recorded by Mary in 2018 and 2019. In the new audio file, Trump’s eldest sister Marianne called Trump’s daughter Ivanka (Ivanka Trunp) a "mini Trump", and also called Trump’s second son, Eric Trump, "recognized." moron".

Marianne was dissatisfied that Ivanka uploaded a warm mother and child photo on her personal Instagram at the end of May 2018, and that day happened to be the day when the Trump administration announced that it would break up illegal immigrant families on the border. Marianne can be heard scolding in the audio file: "The day the damn Ivanka put the picture of Madonna and Child on Instagram, the news was blatantly reporting that the child and family were separated."

Marianne then criticized Trump's second son Eric as an "idiot", "Ivanka doesn't care at all, she only cares about herself." At this time, Mary agreed and said, "She (Ivanka) is simply a mini version of Sichuan. "P", Marianne also said "She is a mini version of Trump, but he (Trump) is fascinated by her, he has always been, Ivanka has always been his favorite", she also pointed out that Trump himself is selfish and stingy. , "It's almost the same as my father."

In response to these recordings and revelations, Trump earlier tweeted back, stating that people who are going to publish a book about him "must be telling lies and scandals, just like working at CNN or MSDNC. If you say President Trump is great , There is no chance. Fake news!" He also criticized Mary for being mentally unstable, so that she was never loved by her grandfather.