Chinese immigrants living overseas
Must have been in contact with this group more or less-illegal immigrants
More than 30 years back in time, China has just gone through reform and opening up
In terms of income and quality of life, there is a huge gap with Western developed countriesSo in that era,A group of Chinese who want to change their livesTake the risk,Smuggling to Western countries through various means

Mexican director Gonzalez, who won the Oscar for best director
Filmed a movie "The Mistakes" in 2010
In this movie,Showing the lower class of Spanish societyStories of illegal Chinese immigrants
Spain is considered to be the country with the most amnesties for illegal immigrants among European countries.
Therefore, it is also one of the most desirable countries for illegal immigrants.

In the movie, these workers from China have a very difficult life in the dirtiest corner of Barcelona...
With the cheapest wage, doing the most tiring workDozens of people sleep in the tattered factory building
And worry about being searched by the policeLiving in the gloom that never sees the sky

In the movie, the male protagonist wants to help these Chinese workers sleep and keep warm

Bought some heaters for themBut accidentally caused a gas leak
All 25 Chinese workers died unfortunately, and the boss tried to escape the police search
Directly take the corpses of these "Chinese black households",I ran away after throwing all the sea miles...

After so many years, this scene in this movie has been fresh in my memory
Although the content of this movie is fictitious,
But it also truly shows many overseas Chinese illegal immigrants,
Tragic but real life situation
Similar things happened not only in Spain
Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and European countries are all popular destinations for that generation of illegal Chinese immigrants...

In the end, how are they living?
Wandering for 27 years, now struggling

In 2020, the impact of the epidemic on the economies of various countries will be huge.
Life is already hard enough, who knew that the epidemic swept the world and the economy was hit hard.

This is really worsening the situation for families who are not wealthy.
Even in the corner of a gorgeous metropolis, there is sadness that we don't know.
For example, a Chinese immigrant in the United States reported in "The Most New York Chinese Circle" was struggling to survive.
Chen Jian, the 50-year-old Chinese maleCurrently seriously illLife can only be extended by dialysisAnd he worked alone in the U.S.Lost all income because of the epidemic

As for this Chinese in New York, his experience is also very bumpy.
When Chen Jian was 23 years oldSmuggling to the United StatesHis father was suffering from nasopharyngeal cancer

To make money to support the familySo I went to New York alone

But when he first arrived in the United States, he was caught by the Immigration Bureau and spent six months in prison.

Then I heard my father in prisonNews of a serious illness
He said that his father's cancer cells transferred to the stomach and then to the liver, and unfortunately passed away.
As for Chen Jian, he originally wanted to go abroad to work and treat his father, but he didn't even see the last face of his father.

After coming out of prison, Chen Jian began to work hard to make money in the United States, hoping to make the life of his mother in China as good as possible.

Who knows that someday in six yearsEverything changed

During these six years, Chen Jian worked hard to make money, thinking that his life had just improved.
Unexpectedly, on an ordinary day, his body collapsed without warning.
He described,
Suddenly began to feel dizzy
The body is stiff, even the tongue is straight
After being in bed for a day, I was sent to the hospital for examination, and the result of the examination was like a bolt from the blue!
Chen Jian's two kidneysThey are all necrotic!

The hospital quickly carried out for himKidney removal surgerySince then, Chen Jian can only rely onDialysis to maintain life

Everyone knows that dialysis needs to be performed frequently, and it takes a lot of time and energy.

And Chen Jian is every three and a half hoursIn case of dialysis three times a weekPersisted for a full 21 years!
Chen Jian himself said, "I don't know if this is luck or misfortune."
During these years, Chen Jian’s mother also died of illness in 2008.

Chen Jian has no relatives and no reason in the United States, and now his only concern is no longer, he is truly helpless.
I am seriously illThere is no support at homeFebruary this yearChen Jian tried to take medicine to commit suicideFortunately to be rescued

And Chen Jian’s confession is also desperate.
He is the only child in the family. Now his parents have both passed away. He said that he has no nostalgia in this world.
And his only thought now is to kowtow in front of his parents' tombstone, but now it is impossible.
Not only was the loss of two kidneys, but Chen Jian's body also suffered from minor problems after years of dialysis.

Multiple necrosis of blood vessels in both handsTumors were also found in many places in the body

For so many years, fortunately, most of Chen Jian’s medical expenses can be reimbursed by medical insurance, but Chen Jian, who has lost both kidneys, has no way to completely change his kidneys.

However, he said he was content to be reimbursed.
At the same time, due to physical reasons, Chen Jian can't work either. He can only do some scattered cleaning work or rely on friends for relief.
And the time goes back to 2020,
An epidemic completely broke Chen JianThe life that was already difficult to maintain

In the economic downturn, Chen Jian's friends could no longer support him, so Chen Jian completely lost his source of income.

Now Chen Jian lives in a house rented to him by his relatives, 620 yuan a month,

However, due to the loss of income, Chen Jian has already owed 8 months' rent.

Chen Shanzhuang, president of the Asian Association of the United States, issued a check for $300 to Chen Jian, sourced from World News. The copyright belongs to the original author

Chen Jian also expressed his ashamed about this. He said that they also have a family waiting to feed, and it is not easy for them during the epidemic.
At present, Chinese people from all walks of life in New York have initiated donations for Mr. Chen Jian
I also hope that in the days to come, he can live better.
But what happened to Mr. Chen is for many illegal Chinese immigrantsDefinitely not alone...

In the 70s and 90s, the annual illegal immigrants from mainland China were about 10 to 20 people
Of course, for the Chinese of that era, there was nothing wrong with wishing to pursue a better life overseas.
But is life in a foreign country a paradise on earth? Can I really have a good life by smuggling in the past?
Actually going to a foreign country will lead to a better lifeItself is a false proposition
Especially for illegal immigrants West: Heaven or Hell...

It is undeniable that there are gaps in many places between China and Western developed countries, but no matter where it is,
Ultimately, the realization of a better life depends on the individual's ability and effort.
Otherwise, why are there beggars sleeping on the streets of Sydney and New York?
Moreover, there is no legal visa protection,The days of illegal immigrants are hard to believe.

Most of these people can’t get a regular job, don’t have medical insurance,Personal safety is not guaranteed.
Because they can only work illegally, many people cannot get legal wages,
I dare to be angry and dare not speak when I've been crushed,Many people have been oppressed to death.

Of these stowawaysLevel of daily lifeIt is even more distressing,
Low-income people usually only have a few or even a dozen people huddled in simple rental houses. The sanitary conditions are poor and personal health is difficult to guarantee.
In a foreign country, they can't live the ideal life.

These illegal immigrants usually work illegally
Not only have to be forced to accept long hours of work and extremely meager salary
What's more, they are often illegally imprisoned,Beat and abuse, forced into prostitution

As for how miserable the lives of these illegal workers overseas are, Impression Jun will not start it today. If you are interested, you can search for relevant information online.

But what Impression Jun wants to say is

The problem of illegal immigration does not only exist in China

Take Australia as an example,According to an estimate by the Australian Senate in May 2017: 5 non-Australian residents have expired visas, of which,
Or 20,000 people are illegally working.
The main source of black people

  • Malaysia: about 9,440 people;
  • China: over 6,500 people;
  • United States: about 5,710 people;
  • United Kingdom: about 3,680 people.

Secondly, Indonesia, India, South Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand have an illegally stranded population of about 2,200-2,800.
In addition, many citizens of Germany, France, Japan and Fiji are also living illegally in Australia.

These "black households" stranded in Australia have different reasons
Some of them have expired visas, others have been cancelled, and a few have entered illegally.
The black people will face serious consequences after being caught,
Such as detention,Deportation and even 3 years entry ban!
It will also seriously affect subsequent visa applications,The resulting costs have to be borne by themselves.

Last June, Australian Minister of the Interior Peter Dutton publicly stated:
Australia will further strengthen border management and will implement "zero tolerance" for any illegal immigrants!
All in all, thinking of staying in Western countries by going black
No matter which country you choose
Are very difficult and extremely difficult

After reading Chen Jian’s deeds, we can’t help but feel that life is really like a play.

You never know what will happen next second.

Chen Jian originally traveled across the United States to smuggle to the United States to work and earn money to treat his father.
Unexpectedly, he landed in prison and his father died during this period.
Working hard for my mother to earn money, my mother also died of illness,

And helpless, he also suffered from a serious illness and had to rely on dialysis to maintain his life.

In fact, everyone does not need to be too demanding on them. For people of that era, many people have very little understanding and information about the world.
You can earn more money for your family by just going abroad
So embarked on a very difficult overseas survival route
Of course, they may not know at the beginning what will become of this road.
Impressions can’t imagine,How many stories are there?
Hundreds of thousands of Chinese who originally expected to go to sea to pursue a better life
Finally, how many people have been forgotten in an inhuman life
We don't know.
But in New York, Tokyo or SydneySome unknown dark corner
Maybe there are still countless ChineseStruggling to survive...

Editor: Derek, The Little Prince
Source: BBC, CNN, ABC News, New York Chinese Circle, etc.