Recorded in Victoria
113 casesConfirmed diagnosis15Passed away,Single day diagnosisReturn to three digits At this stage,I believe that small fluctuations exist,But it is also enough to alert people:Don't be too happy!

This morning,Victoria’s opening method is like this:Leaked government confidential documents!Melbourne Level 4 lockdown will be extended to the end of September!
The curfew will also be extended!Victorian businesses can't survive!……Is it really the truth?Victorian Governor Andrews refutes the rumors:Wait for the final version on Sunday!
New in NSW12 casesConfirmed,New in Queensland2 casesConfirmed,NSW said it is working hard,
But the opening of the border of Queensland is far away.
Not to mention where Victoria will go,What I want to say is,Where is Australia going?


Unless exempted, foreigners without PR cannot enter, the status of citizens and PR cannot go out will remain unchanged, and any international cruise ships with more than 100 passengers will continue to be prohibited from berthing in Australian ports.

The government will also announce tomorrow whether it will continue to maintain the upper limit of inbound tourists (the current plan will last until October 10, with a maximum of 24 people coming in a week), and whether it will approve the return of overseas students from South Australia to Australia.
The government will also provide loans to Australians stranded overseas and in financial difficulties. Eligible individuals can apply for up to AUD 2000 at a time(It can be used to buy economy class tickets, if it can be proved necessary, it can also be business class tickets),Families can borrow up to AUD 5000.

The federal government has also announced a priority list. Senior managers holding temporary visas, midwives, doctors, nurses, construction managers, software engineers, maintenance managers, etc. can all obtain limited travel exemption (you need to isolate at your own expense for 14 days). To fill the skills shortage in the market.

Melbourne's Level XNUMX lockdown is extended? The governor urgently refutes the rumors!
This morning, I believe Victorian residents were all scared sober.
The leak of a confidential document shows that the first step in Victoria’s roadmap for unblocking is not how to transition to the third stage, but the extension of Melbourne’s Level 4 blockade to September 9.

This pierced the hornet's nest.
From officials to the people, a group of people chased him.

Let's look at the reaction of the people:

In fact, some are supported, but most are not in Melbourne.

Seeing this mood getting worse and worse, Victoria Governor Andrews, who is used to holding press conferences at 11 am and later, hurriedly met with the media at 10:15 this morning.
Personally refute the rumors at the meeting:
"The draft plan in the report has'no status'!"

And ask the publicWait till sunday, To hear the government’s final plan to relax restrictions.
He said: "We will give people a clear road map on Sunday, providing as much detail and certainty as possible."
At the same time, it said: "It will not simply be guided by the date on the calendar, it will be guided by science and data."
This is determined by the number and type of cases in Victoria.

Governor Andrews emphasized: “If we open up too much and too quickly, we will only see a surge in the number of confirmed diagnoses. In the face of this virus, we will lose any sense of control, and then there may be more than we are facing today. Bad situation."
Today, the number of newly-increased people in Victoria in a single day is in113 cases. Have15Unfortunately passed away.
Victoria’s Deputy Chief Health Officer Allen Cheng said that it can be seen that the number is declining, but still “Not as low as we expected. "
Most diagnosed in VictoriaAll related to three locations:
Cedar Meat Factory,Rydges Hotel, Stamford Hotel

Gene cluster table published by the Victorian Department of Health. The vertical axis represents different gene clusters, and the horizontal axis represents time. The yellow dots may be imported cases overseas, and the black dots may be domestic transmission.

The bottom red box in the picture is a case related to a meat factory
The middle box is Rydges Hotel
The box above is Stamford Hotel
There are a small number of points at the top that cannot be classified

It can also be seen from the picture that the infection of Cedar Meat Factory has basically stopped;

Almost all current cases in Victoria are related to Rydges Hotel, The family of four isolated here is the first person to show symptoms in this gene cluster. andThe virus that started in this hotel has evolved into 10 gene clusters;

Standford Hotels的集群在2月21日-8月14日中产生了110个病例。

Of course, in this pictureDoes not include all the confirmed Victorians. Some people have never done a nucleic acid test at all, so they do not have their samples; some of the samples have quality problems and cannot be tested for genes; and some gene clusters are less than 5 people, and they are not published in order to protect personal privacy.

Gene testing feels more reliable than nucleic acid testing
Traceability methods like Victoria
It's also a shot for the Melbourneers
I hope to rely on the power of technology
Australians can come out as soon as possible

Knowing the chain of infection can also grasp the dynamics of the spread of the epidemic, and even make some predictions and preventions for future spread. It is through this method that Melbourne has effectively prevented the spread of cluster infections.

Tens of thousands of temporary residentsHas left Australia

The latest official data released by Australia yesterday has confirmed that GDP has fallen by 7% and Australia has entered its first economic downturn in 30 years.

Great Depression
MeaningJob opportunities will continue to decrease
More people will be unemployed

Under the pressure of economic downturn, job opportunities are very valuable even for locals, which is likely to intensify hostility towards immigrants. This is not a fantasy, you know,Similar situations have occurred in Europe and the United States

Andrew Markus, an emeritus professor at Monash University who studies immigration issues, said the economic recession will increase calls for cuts in immigration and may also inspire anti-immigration attitudes.

Although Australia's immigration plan has increasingly relied on temporary visas in recent years, many temporary visa holders have given up immigration after experiencing various separations, being blocked out, and being treated differently.

Five years ago, the young Kavish Chopra came to Melbourne with his wife and worked in the IT industry. Unexpectedly, when I returned to the country at the beginning of the year, I would never be able to enter Australia again.

The boss wrote him an application
But also useless
Sometimes the policy is ruthless

What is Chopra's choice? This Asian guy is also very cool--

He decided to give up his life in Melbourne
Now preparing documents
Apply for Canada's Skilled Worker Program

"Even if the border is opened this year, I don't want to go back to Australia. Because our temporary overseas residents are treated like this."

In addition to him, many new immigrants trapped overseas said that "the Australian dream has been broken and there is no longer any hope." Many people are aggrieved because they were denied entry; there are others who have just passed the bridge visa and have no hope of turning to PR.

Many people choose to migrate to other countries
They said: "I have no choice."

New British immigrant Patrick Fransz and his wife Linsey also decided to return to their hometown of Liverpool and no longer want to return to Australia.

People like them are by no means a minority. From April to July, all students, skilled immigrants, and workers in Australia were losing out. Among them, not only is April a peak of returning home, but also a peak in July.

In July alone, more than 7 international students, 1 temporary workers and more than 5000 other temporary residents left Australia.

I thought the one who should leave has already left
But there are still a lot of things that stick to it
There are not a few who can’t hold it after a long time

In this eventful year
Australia is like a besieged city
Many people want to go out, and many people want to come in
Some people have lost hope, others are still waiting
But as long as the epidemic is controlled first
There must be a solution to everything