The latest data today!51 new confirmed cases in Victoria7 people died of illness

01This weekend the whole of Australia responded...Thousands of people in Melbourne participated!! The anti-blockade protests are here again...

According to today’s news from the Herald Sun,A large number of protesters are planning to hold weekly large-scale anti-blockade protests in various parts of Melbourne...



This time it’s even more cunning. They plan to announce the meeting place one hour before the start of the parade to avoid police interference...


According to the report, thousands of people are expected to participate in the march in Melbourne. Leader News revealed that the protest poster called "Freedom Day" has been circulated in multiple groups on Facebook.

The poster read: "Every town, town and city in Australia will hold a'Freedom Day' every Saturday until the end of the new crown restrictions."
At present, the Australian police are also looking forward to responding to this upcoming large-scale protest...
Prior to this, the former Australian reality show player Fanos Panayides was arrested for allegedly promoting the "Freedom Day" protest last weekend. He also conspired to organize a protest called "We Walk As One" on Facebook. It is scheduled to be held on Sunday, September 9.

Previously, a 28-year-old pregnant woman Zoe Lee Buhler was arrested by the police for anti-blocking gatherings and incitement in her home and in front of her partner and children.

Although Zoe Lee Buhler was released on bail, he was banned from using social software. But she is still upset...

On Sunday, after Zoe Lee Buhler's ban was lifted, she immediately posted a stern post to the Governor of Victoria on the social software, which read: "I want you to apologize to me, you ruined all of us, Dan Andrews, go where you should be."And also uploaded a live video to let everyone know her current situation and accuse the Victorian police and the governor...

Seeing here, I really sympathize with the governor of Victoria... He has to work hard and be criticized all day long...

02White people appeared in Melbourne's Chinese district! Discrimination against Chinese letters went viral in the circle of friends...

It’s not just these protesters who are making trouble,In the past two days, a handwritten English letter full of racism and discrimination against China has been circulated in the Australian Chinese circle of friends, which has aroused heated discussion among netizens!!



According to the information in Moments, this letter was posted in Doncaster, Melbourne, with words discriminating against the Chinese, even saying "You are the murderers! Go back to China!"


On September 9, Monash Mayor Stuart James also publicly condemned the racist content of the letter. He said, “Monash is proud of a multicultural community and we strongly condemn responsible racists for harming any member of the community.”


At the same time, also in Melbourne, around 10 pm on Monday night, a white man came to Clayton Road holding a road sign and smashed the shops along the street.



At least 14 shops were damaged to varying degrees, mostly Asian shops...



After this happened, the smashed business immediately called the police, and the man was arrested by the police.


Yesterday various public accounts also made a lot of reports on the incident, and even combined the two incidents to make a guess. Are the people who smashed the shop and the people who wrote the words are racists who committed crimes against the Chinese?



But contacted Clayton’s state councillor Heang and federal councillor Clare yesterday.In these two incidents, writing a note and breaking the glass are actually two different things.

In the Clayton incident, the perpetrators were extreme animal protectionists, and all the meat eateries were destroyed...

But no matter what the purpose is, what mentality is it
During the epidemic, everyone in the community is working hard to survive
No matter which way to hurt peopleAll must be condemned!!
03The bad Australia-China relationship is affecting business more and more! Australia's 3 million real estate project transaction is stopped!!
According to Australian media reports, Poly Global, one of China's most ambitious real estate developers, is laying off employees in Australia and suddenly abandoning a deal with Lendlease that was about to be negotiated.
This real estate development project is worth up to 3 million Australian dollars...

This week, after long and in-depth negotiations, Poly Corporation abandoned negotiations to acquire Bingara Gorge from Lendlease, a 200-hectare residential development project and golf course in Sydney’s southwest.

In the report, a person in the real estate industry said,This is likely to be affected by Australia-China relations. Another person in the industry said that the deal was suddenly "cold.".


A Lendlease spokesperson declined to comment on the matter.


Going back to the outbreak, the upcoming protests on the weekend, the editor also hopes that readers will not respond enthusiastically. The current situation in Victoria is still declining, but we cannot relax our vigilance. It must be completely cleared to welcome the real On the day of unblocking, the ignorant opposition will only worsen, and it will only be yourself who will taste the bitterness in the end...


Epidemic data (as of 9:10 on July 11)
Total cumulative diagnoses worldwide: 26779378
Global total cumulative cure: 17205385
Total global cumulative deaths: 877585
The total number of confirmed diagnoses in Australia: 26503;
Cumulative healing in Australia: 22330;
Cumulative deaths in Australia: 753;
Existing active cases in Australia: 2147;
NSW 4104; Victoria 19765; Queensland 1129;
Western Australia 655; South Australia 464; Tazhou 230;
Headland 113; Northern Territory 33;
Existing diagnoses worldwide: 8696408
Existing confirmed diagnoses in Mainland China: 479