Beginning in September, the Melbourne City Government will reduce the speed limit of cars in several streets in the city centre from the current 9 kilometers to 40 kilometers, leaving more space for pedestrians to boost the economy that has been hit hard by the new crown virus.

According to the Herald Sun, on August 8, Melbourne Mayor Sally Capp and Victoria Governor Daniel Andrews discussed and agreed to jointly develop an economic recovery for the Central Business District (CBD) plan.

According to the plan, starting from September, the speed limit for cars on Flinders Lane, Little Collins St, Little Bourke St, and Little Lonsdale St will be reduced from 9 km/h to 40 km/h. The vehicles that can enter these streets are mainly freight vehicles, ambulances and cars used by people with disabilities.

The government will plant quilts on both sides of these streets and post new safety information on the roads to inform pedestrians that they have priority in using the roads.

Karp said: "This move is part of our plan to revitalize the city after the epidemic prevention restrictions are lifted."

"Many of our sidewalks are less than two meters wide, so there is not enough space for people to walk safely while keeping their distance." She said, "In order to help the CBD restore the economy, we need to provide people with more space so they can stay in the city. You can safely keep your distance during center activities."

Editor in charge: Li Xinran