A bundle of Chinese newspapers was dug up at an Australian construction site, containing $50 in cash! Chinese: "The money belongs to my dad, and it was buried for tax evasion!" It went to court to divide the money and finally reached a secret agreement!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!


Just recently, the Australian media announced an amazing news:


4 related parties becauseA box that has been buried for many years.


Not hesitate to go to court,It staged a vigorous and shocking drama...


Even more amazing is that


It may also beA Chinese familyrelated!


And the final result isAn unexpected wayending.


I heard that the Australian media said yes,


Reached some secret agreement...



The whole incident was ups and downs, bizarre and exciting, and it dazzled all the netizens.


What secret is hidden in this box?


Take a look at the sauce and tell everyone the ins and outs of this matter.

50 old Australian dollars in cash,Wrapped in Chinese newspaper,
Accidentally dug up by 2 people...

This matter has to start in October last year.


At a construction site on the Gold Coast of Queensland,


The workers are doing ordinary property demolition and land excavation.


But after a while, something unexpected happened!



2 workers are in this place,


Accidentally found a dirty mysterious white plastic box!



What is hidden in it?


With unstoppable curiosity, the two people carefully opened the box and took a look.


I was stunned by the sight in front of me...


In the box is aChinese NewsA tightly wrapped package.


Among them,Hiding a large bundle of old hundred dollar bills!



Just by looking at the appearance, the money has been buried underground for some years.


I counted the number roughly,


The value of this money turned out to be as high as 20 Australian dollars!


This discovery was really incredible, and both workers were frightened.


As a result, they did not tell their boss, butCalled the police on the spot.


Then they found more boxes one after another.


Everything inside is cash wrapped in Chinese newspapers!



Under the statistics of police and banks,


The total value of this money is nearly 50 Australian dollars!


Never imagined that such a large sum of cash could be dug up underground.


Not only the workers present, but also the Australian police,


It was the first time I encountered such a miraculous thing...


But what happened next,


Compared to digging out 50 cash, it is even more exciting!

Many parties scrambled,Go to court...

So much money was dug out from the ground for no reason,


So who does this money go to?


At this time, as long as it is related,


They all wanted to take the money for themselves.



In the end, they even hired a lawyer along the way and started a lawsuit.


Several parties have come forward,


Declare that this money should be yours!


Look at the sauce here, and let’s talk to everyone...


1. Construction owner


The owner of the construction party is responsible for the demolition of the old business and emptying the land.


He is also the boss of the first worker to dig cash.


After knowing that under my own handsThe employees actually want to bypass themselves, Directly reported the money to the police,


The boss felt really uncomfortable.



If it weren't for the worker's move, the money would go into his own pocket in minutes.


As a result, he was angry,


They fired these two workers without hesitation!


It is understood that he also called the developer and said,


"The money is divided in half so that you can sit on the yacht and eat oysters and drink champagne..."


But in the end, the boss withdrew his complaint.


2. Land Developer


The lawsuit was also filed by the company responsible for the development of this land, named Morrison Construction Services.


The name of the person in charge is Scott Morrison!



The same name as the well-known Australian Prime Minister...


The land itself is a private mansion, but after the unfortunate death of the owner,


The land developer bought it and took over it.



According to this developer:


The ground is its own, and of course everything in the ground belongs to itself!


So, without saying anything, he filed a complaint with the court.


3. Two workers who dug money


The money was first discovered by two workers at the construction site.


According to the express provisions of the local laws of Queensland:


In the absence of the property owner,


The earliest discoverer who handed over unowned property to the police may possess the property in accordance with the law.



To put it bluntly, simply,


Whoever finds it belongs to whom!


The two workers naturally took it for granted that the money belonged to them.


To this end, they also took pains to hire lawyers and filed a complaint with the court.


But a more dramatic scene happened,


After a lot of trouble, this incident really attracted the original owner!


4. Allegedly the son of the original owner of the money


This person’s name is Raymond Ma,


His father Stephen Ma is aChinese chef, Passed away 5 years ago.



Now Raymond Ma runs a restaurant,
In this matter, he claimed:
Own father,
The owner of this money!


"His father buried the money in 1993 for tax avoidance."

Image source: NewsColony
And this money was buried in the property under the name of his brother-in-law Peter Chan.
That is, in the site where 50 Australian dollars were found.


According to chan’s description,


Stephen Ma said at the time,


He doesn’t want to deposit money in the bank so he can avoid paying taxes...


He also showed Chan the packageBlack plastic bags for bundles of cash.


I also have a similarly shaped white plastic storage box.



His son also stated:


The newspaper that wrapped the cash was the same newspaper that my father used to read.


He also likes to make various marks on newspapers with a pen for no reason.


Sometimes, he also noticed his father’s behaviorUnusual.


"Said something that made him suspicious."


"He thought someone was following and monitoring him, and he told me to be careful of those who followed me."

The three parties reached a secret agreement,Share 50 Australian dollars...

Multiple parties hold their own opinions, and no one can convince anyone.


The developer's lawyer also stated:


Even if it was really buried by Chinese Stephen Ma,


But when they sell the real estate, it means they give up everything on the land.


Just when they were still arguing,


A professional lawyer spoke:


In the end, I am afraid that no one will get a penny!


This money may eventually go to the state!



It may be that I heard these warnings, not long ago,


The workers, developers and the Chinese son reached a secret agreement in private.


The three parties finally divided up 50 Australian dollars!



This "money war" that lasted for nearly a year,
Finally came to an end...
What exactly is said in the secret agreement,
As people who eat melons, we don't know.


But got a windfall from the sky,
No matter who the three parties are,
I guess my heart is full of laughter...


For the attribution of this money,
What do you think?


Editor: Asuka Kubo
Source of materials: 9 News, Daily Mail, etc.

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2 replies AArticle author Madministrator
  1. (Louis Ng), Wu Qiyang

    how to say? Why does this Chinese dad prefer to bury such a large amount of money and save up the poverty, rather than to his son?

  2. (Louis Ng), Wu Qiyang

    How should I put it? How could this Chinese dad rather bury the money than keep it for his son? ❗

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