Ashleigh Simrajh, a 23-year-old girl from Australia, completed her wedding on the beautiful Gold Coast last Saturday under the witness of 50 relatives and friends.

Her father Tony said that this day was the happiest day in his life and the saddest day.

Happiness is because of seeing my daughter and lover finally get married, and sad because my daughter is about to die soon.

This young and beautiful bride has already entered the countdown to the end of her life.

At the end of August, Ashleigh was told by the doctor that she had only 1-3 days left in her life. It is a miracle to be able to hold on to the wedding.

But in fact, if it were not for a series of mistakes, she would have not ended her life early in such a young age.

As early as 3 years ago, when Ashleigh was 20 years old, one day, she discovered that she had a bag on her thigh.
Because the bag didn't disappear for a long time, Ashleigh decided to see the doctor.

She was the first to make an appointment with a GP (General Practitioner). The doctor sawI didn't even do a biopsy. I just insisted that it was just an ordinary wart and it was not a major problem.

Subsequently, the GP transferred her to aDermatologistThere,The specialist also came to the same conclusion as GP.

And said that if you want to remove,You have to do treatments like cosmetic surgery in a private medical institution, the price is 2500 Australian dollars. Otherwise, you have to wait in line in the public medical system for two years.

Ashleigh was working at McDonald's at the time and didn't have so many savings. Seeing that the bag on her leg didn't improve at all, she felt worried but could do nothing.

But I didn't expect that in the next year, Ashleigh's situation would take a turn for the worse.

This humble "bag" began to ache severely.

"It really hurts very, very very much. It hurts so much that I can't sleep, and it hurts so much when the clothes are covered."

later,This bag even started bleeding……

Ashleigh realized that the situation might be more serious than expected, so she found another specialist in dermatology.

When the doctor saw it, he knew that something was wrong, and he arranged a biopsy immediately after 5 minutes.

Two days later, the results came out. Ashleigh was not suffering from ordinary warts at all, but:Melanoma.

Melanoma is a rare skin cancer. In Australia, the incidence of melanoma is extremely high, so it is also called Australia's "national cancer".

The worse news is that by this time,The cancer cells have spread to Ashleigh's lungs and are no longer treatable.

During this whole process, what disappointed Ashleigh and her family the most was that they always chose to trust professional medical professionals, but they made the Ashleigh family feel that their trust was "betrayed".

The first doctor didn't arrange a biopsy, so he rashly came to the wrong conclusion; and the "specialist" whom the doctor arranged to transfer was later found to be just an ordinary surgeon.

If you get the attention and correct diagnosis from the beginning, then Ashleigh's disease is completely possible to be cured.

Unfortunately, Ashleigh's cancer cells have spread to the lungs, liver and chest, and the remaining life can only be counted in days.

Ashleigh and his family decided to file a lawsuit against the two doctors to get justice for themselves, and to remind the public to believe in themselves when symptoms appear.

Clare Eves, an expert in medical lawIndicates that Ashleigh’s tragedy is completely avoidable. But now, there is no real compensation method.Because nothing can make up for the pain and loss suffered by Ashleigh and her family.

Ashleigh's father is also very sad and angry: "Can you replace a life? How can you make up for the pain she experienced and the impact on our family? She will disappear in our lives forever, and we will never see ourselves. Children and grandchildren, can you make up for such a thing?"

He emphasized that suing these two doctors is not for money, butIn order for them to recognize their mistakes and take responsibility.

He also hopes to help his daughter deliver an important message, that is:Trust your instincts and do a good skin check.

At the same time, the Ashleigh family also shared Ashleigh's story on the GoFundMe website, hoping to pass on these important information.

Ashleigh hopes to learn from his own experienceCall young people not to take it lightly and to check immediately. If you are not at ease, switch to another doctor. Do not hesitate. Don't miss the best time for treatment like her.

Now Ashleigh is very weak, skinny and weighs only 34 kg. But she still stubbornly strives for one more breath for herself.

A life that looks so young and fragile has never given up, and continues to offer the public to share their own experiences. Such spirit,Even the Prime Minister of Australia sent her praise and encouragement.

On the wedding day, the Prime Minister also sent a bunch of flowers and a congratulatory call.

As soon as the wedding was over, Ashleigh was exhausted and could only go back to the hospital bed to watch everyone dance and listen to music.

Father said: "I feel heartbroken to see her being so fragile and uncomfortable in what should be the happiest day of life. But at the same time, you can also feel that the house is full of love for her, which is touching."

The seriousness and harm of melanoma is also an issue of great concern to the Australian people.

One is because the incidence of disease in Australia is very high, but the initial symptoms are quite unremarkable, and the other is because it is likely to develop into an incurable terminal illness.

According to a report released by the QIMR Berghofer Institute of Medicine in Australia in March 2016,Australia has the second highest incidence of skin cancer in the world, and New Zealand has the highest incidence.

This is because Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere, close to the Antarctic continent. The ozone hole over Antarctica is just above Australia and New Zealand. The larger ozone hole means that more harmful radiation reaches the earth.

One of the main causes of melanoma is excessive ultraviolet light.

The survey found that nearly 75 people in Australia are receiving treatment for skin diseases (cancer) every year.从2013年到2017年间,澳洲的患有皮肤癌患者也从12,700直接飙升到14,000。而且2/3以上的澳洲人在70岁前,都会被查处患有不同程度的皮肤疾病。

The initial symptoms of melanoma may not be prominent, just like Ashleigh, just a small bag that looks like a wart.

Sometimes the melanoma looks like a mole, and then slowly mutates. During the mutation process, the "mole" changes will include larger areas, irregular edges, color changes, itching or other more serious symptoms.

Melanoma in female patients most often appears on the legs, while male patients most often appear on the back.

Melanoma is a long-term cumulative disease, we must not ignore it.

The Chairman of the Public Health Committee of the Australian Cancer Society said,At present, sunscreen has been proven to be effective in preventing skin cancer, including the most deadly melanoma. Australian sunscreen is strictly regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration to ensure that the ingredients are safe, effective, non-toxic and harmless, so everyone can use it with confidence.

I hope everyone will take good sun protection and protect their skin. If you encounter a situation, consult a professional medical staff as soon as possible, and do a foot check to give yourself and your family peace of mind.