By Ayu's mountains and rivers

In 2020, I am 25 years old. Looking back on the road I have traveled, it seems like a world away, and the biggest feeling is that the harder you work, the luckier.
2015: Sophomore, junior college, preparing for undergraduate examinations and internships. I still insisted on my original intention, and finally passed various examinations, got scholarships and various honor certificates, and also interviewed and entered the TOP1 practice hospital as a team leader. (Due to some factors, most of my high school days were painful and bleak. After the college entrance examination, I gave up the opportunity to study undergraduate and went to the Ivory Tower in my heart to study a junior college in a double first-class university)
2016: college/undergraduate graduation. Through the defense, get an undergraduate degree and professional qualification certificate. In the same year, due to my good performance at school, I got a place for studying in Germany. I cherish this opportunity very much. Behind it is my three years of hard work. Since then, I have started a closed small language study for 7 months, from scratch to the intermediate level. After several twists and turns, finally in February of the following year, I took the international language certificate and got the admission notice and student visa.
2017: I started my life abroad. I have experienced all kinds of setbacks. I still have language barriers. Due to my introversion, I am afraid of presentation and try to overcome it. I set off at 4:XNUMX in the morning and walked a long way to intern. For a while, I was about to be depressed. But whoever can't kill me will only make me stronger. Later, after careful consideration for other reasons, I made the decision to quit school and then returned to China.

Tarot of Learning
This year, I have gained too much. The partners who traveled side by side, the warm friends of foreign countries, competed with myself for tenacity, went to France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and traveled around the Mediterranean... I saw the diversity and tolerance of the world.

Taken in a museum in Rotterdam, the Netherlands: It feels quiet and powerful

Changes before and after three months of fitness

2018: At the beginning of the year, I went to Shanghai alone, changed careers successfully, interviewed a small foreign company, and started to study and work step by step. The salary was raised twice in a year, and in June of the following year, the title became senior and he began to serve as the project team leader.
2019: The company was acquired by Company A, just as I wanted to further my career development, and a great opportunity came to me. Because of my good performance on weekdays and a good relationship with the boss, the director and CEO decided to push me to Company B, which gave me an interview opportunity. (A is a subsidiary of B's ​​company. At that time, our company only had one quota). After several interviews, I went to B's. It is the top in the global industry.
2020: Now, the dust has settled. Standing in front of the sunny floor-to-ceiling windows, the coffee in my hand is hot. Five years ago, I immersed myself in my studies on the green campus. I never thought I would become an office lady today. The road ahead is very long, and confusion has rarely appeared on me. I am very grateful for the past five years, and I am looking forward to the next five years.

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Text / Xue Liner

Sometimes you really need such a theme to sort out what you have experienced and gained in the span of 5 years.
In 2015, I wrote a letter in my mailbox to myself five years later. When the current self opened this letter, I was moved by the full expectations in it. Some of these expectations have been fulfilled, and some have been stagnated because of changes. Of course, there have been many moments in life outside of expectations.
In the past five years, I entered the system and achieved some stability; I changed to a bigger house and became what I like; he gave birth to a second child, and Dabao started his primary school life; I got my driver’s license, but I didn’t drive a day... …Take a detailed inventory of the changes in the past five years, and I am really grateful for the gift of fate, so many beautiful things.
In the past five years, my biggest feeling is that I have less and less time for myself. Occasionally I went out to have a meal with my friends, and I was dragged home by the cry of the child before nine o'clock; every night I felt that everything was finally processed, and the time came to XNUMX o'clock in the evening; let alone the boss's homework To the chest pain...
But all difficulties are short-lived. It may be one year, two years, three years and five years, but after all, as the children grow up, they will "return" their mothers to me.
I feel that my greatest sense of accomplishment is to lose weight. I really lose weight. Before giving birth to my second child, my weight had been maintained at 75kg, and it was as high as 100kg when I gave birth to the second child, but now my weight is 58kg. This weight-loss process has gone through for three years, almost every day will have an hour of exercise time, every meal has to compete with yourself. But now, the exercise habit I have developed has been deeply embedded in my daily routine, and I really like the current state of exercise.

I have concrete goals for my future figure-at the age of 40, to be in line with Sister Xiao Shao, her phrase "waistline is the watershed between the girl and the aunt, we must swear to keep it." It always gives me full motivation. I hope that when I am 50 years old, I can follow the "Little Dragon Girl" Yang Ruotong. The daily exercise habits and clear abdominal lines are my goals.
As you get older and older, you will find that you are facing hair loss, insomnia, great stress, and experiencing the impermanence of the world. As they walked, the men around them all had a big belly. As they walked, the ladies around them became ashamed and even suffered from illness. Suddenly find that emotions have become something to be cared for. Let yourself live actively and peacefully.
My method of relieving stress and emotions is reading and writing. This habit has been with me for 25 years. When you are under high pressure, reading can help you calm down. Don't think about anything, just enjoy that short period of time quietly. Reading is really a placebo and refuge in life. And writing allows you to sort out your emotions, allow you to plan a path to solve problems, and help you slash away all the fog in life.

Now I feel that time always flies by, and it's really hard to grasp. Then seize yourself and go to the next five years, not in vain.