I have seen a creature that is not easy to kill in many places, such as abandoned old houses, in piles of debris, in houses that we live in all year round, and so on. So what exactly is this creature? It is the cockroach that we all hate. How should we calmly face the nasty cockroach?

How to eliminate cockroaches most thoroughly

1. Slice onions and cucumbers and place them in places where cockroaches often haunt them, and use their taste to drive them away.

2. Dissolve the washing powder in hot water, and then spray the washing powder water directly on the body of the cockroach to kill the cockroach.

3. Put the washing powder water in a place where cockroaches frequently haunt, and the cockroaches die by intoxication by feeding on the powdered water.

4. After dissolving a proper amount of boric acid with hot water, wipe the floor with a mop or rag. After drying, the white boric acid crystals will penetrate into the cracks of the floor, which can effectively prevent cockroaches.

5. Mix half of the sugar and soda powder together, and then place it in a place where the cockroaches are infested, and let the cockroaches die slowly after eating.

Cockroaches are difficult to get rid of. If you want to really get rid of cockroaches, you can also use cockroach medicine, or use other methods to eliminate cockroaches for their weakness.

Use spray to kill, you can kill common pests including cockroaches.

1. Drug prevention

Cockroaches often inhabit and hide in crevices and holes. Use sprays to kill the cracks, holes and corners, which can kill common pests including cockroaches. Remember to close doors and windows and fan exhaust facilities when spraying, and don’t stay at the same time. indoor. For places such as crevices where cockroaches inhabit, spray 30-50 centimeters of medicine tape around them, and then spray them in the gaps.

2. Physical control

Heat killing: Cockroaches have poor resistance to heat. When the heat reaches 60 degrees or more, they die within a few minutes and can kill the eggs in the pod. The common method is to put boiling water into a kettle and pour it into the hidden gaps of cockroaches for scalding. You can also use a hair dryer to kill, as long as you turn it to the hottest, it will die in a few seconds.

Freeze killing: Move the cockroach-inhabited objects and furniture to a place below -5 to -10 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes, and the cockroaches will freeze to death.

Entrapment method: Use a cockroach trap box or a canned bottle coated with a repellent to put bait in to trap cockroaches.

3. Deal with cockroach carcasses

Wear gloves; areas or equipment (including gloves) that have been in contact with cockroach corpses must be cleaned and disinfected with household disinfectants as soon as possible.

4. Ways to repel cockroaches

Cockroaches use the bristles on their tails to detect surrounding movements, which are as sensitive as hearing organs. Therefore, the use of instruments to drive away cockroaches can easily harm neighbors after being driven away. It is recommended to eliminate it as well.

Cockroaches don't like some plants, so why not try to beautify the environment and avoid them.

5. Plant flowers to avoid cockroaches

Is planting flowers related to controlling cockroaches? A little. Like cockroaches, they don't like some plants, such as green radish (also known as golden kudzu or evergreen). To beautify the environment and avoid cockroaches, why not give it a try.

What are cockroaches afraid of

1. Cockroaches are afraid of light: Cockroaches are creatures that love darkness and are afraid of light. They usually sleep in their dens during the day and come out at night.

2. Cockroaches are afraid of being dry without water: Cockroaches are called Xiaoqiang who can't be killed, but in dry places without water, they can't live long.

3. Cockroaches are afraid of onions (and cucumbers): The pungent smell of onions makes people feel uncomfortable, and cockroaches can't stand it. Therefore, cockroaches are not happy to go where there are onions and cucumbers.

4. Cockroaches are afraid of poisonous oleander: Poisonous oleanders in the flowers, leaves and branches can also make cockroaches "sniff".

5. Cockroaches are afraid of choking mustard: prepare to put spicy and choking mustard at home and cockroaches are also afraid.

6. Cockroaches are also afraid of their natural enemies: Cockroaches with strong vitality also have natural enemies, such as scorpions, centipedes, ants, spiders, mice, cats, geckos, toads, lizards, etc.

There are many tricks in life. After we learn these tricks, we will find that cockroaches are not scary. As long as we act, cockroaches can be eliminated.