Australia gives green light to 17 occupations to allow temporary immigration

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The Australian Federal Government has decided to quickly provide immigration exemptions to 17 professional temporary immigrants holding temporary visas, including doctors, nurses and software engineers, to attract them to return to Australia to fill talent vacancies.

Under the travel ban, hundreds of Australian temporary visa holders were blocked outside Australia. Against the background that the unemployment rate in Australia may rise to 13% by the end of this year, the role of skilled immigrants in economic recovery in the post-epidemic era has become a focus of debate.

Australian Immigration Minister Alan Tudge said that although the government’s priority is to get Australians home, Australia also needs medical workers and skilled immigrants to help Australia recover its economy.

The federal government has decided to grant entry exemptions to temporary visa holders for 17 occupations and will review the occupation list regularly.

The 17 occupations are: President or Managing Director, Construction Project Manager, Mechanical Engineer, General Practitioner, Resident Medical Officer, Psychiatrist, Practitioner, Midwife, Registered Nurse (Geriatric Care, Critical Care Monitoring and emergency, medical, mental health, surgical care, unclassified), program developers, software engineers, maintenance planners.

The government stated that these occupations have undergone strict market testing.

Editor in charge: Yue Ming

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