Can't eat dead crabs? Female crabs are better than male crabs? All explained today...

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This article expert: Liu Yadan, researcher, deputy secretary-general of China Agricultural International Exchange Association, chief national science communication expert

As the saying goes, "Autumn breeze makes the crab's feet itchy; the chrysanthemum blooms and the crab comes."

Crab is not only delicious, but alsoHigh-quality protein, Its muscle contains more than ten kinds of free amino acids, which is beneficial to the digestion and absorption of the human body.Vitamin A content is also higher than other aquatic products, up to 389 micrograms per XNUMX grams.

and,Very rich in minerals,In particular, the content of copper and selenium can reach 2.97 mg and 56.72 micrograms per XNUMX g.

It turns out that crabs have such high nutritional value, so how can we eat "good" crabs? Let’s talk about it today.

Crabs must be eaten alive?
After the crab dies, the body of the crab becomes stiff and autolyzes quickly, and the bacteria in the body will rapidly multiply and spread into the crab meat.

In a weakly acidic environment, bacteria will decompose amino acids, so the longer the crab’s death time,The more histamine and histamine-like substances in the body. If you eat dead crabs, the former can cause allergic food poisoning, and the latter can cause vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

However, not all crabs must be eaten alive.After being caught, many sea crabs die easily when they leave the sea, especially those caught in the ocean.

Sea crabs like portunus do not necessarily have to eat alive.But quick freezing and freshness preservation on the fishing boat are very important.

For example, live sea crabs bought in coastal areas should be quickly frozen if they cannot be eaten in time, and then taken out and cooked when needed.

Which parts can't be eaten?
Crabs have 4 organs that cannot be eaten.Because of itContains a lot of sediment, debris and bacteria, eating it may cause diarrhea and easy to grow parasites.

One is the crab stomach,It is a small triangle-like bony pouch in the center of the front edge of the crab shell;The second is crab intestines,A black line from the stomach to the umbilicus;The third is the crab heart,Commonly known as the hexagonal board, this thing is hexagonal in the crab yellow;The fourth is crab gills,Two rows of soft things on the abdomen that look like eyebrows.

Which is better, male crab or female crab?
Generally speaking, male crabs are larger than female crabs.

For river crabs, blue crabs and swimming crabs,The best time to eat female crabs is September.This is when the flesh is full of yellow flesh;October is the best time to eat male crabs.At this time, the male crab is creamy and firm.

Late autumn and early winter are the harvest season for hairy crabs and blue crabs.It's delicious and cheap, so you can enjoy it.

Who was the first person to eat crabs?

There are two versions.


First, it is said that during the flood control period of Yu Da Yu,At that time, crabs were called "catch insects", not only stealing the rice, but also cheating people, which seriously hindered the water control project. The foreman Ba ​​Jie figured out a way to dig a trench on the edge of the city and pour boiling water into them to kill them.



Unexpectedly, the scalded insects are not only bright red in color, but also attractive in flavor. Ba Jie took a bite curiously, and the taste was so beautiful, so the pests that everyone feared became a household delicacy.


Another way of saying is that it is recorded in the "Han Wudong Mingji" written by Guo Xian in the Eastern Han Dynasty, The Chinese were "the first to eat crabs in the world", probably the Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty.


Whether the first person to eat crabs in China was the Pak Jie or Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, we have no way of textual research. But no matter who it is, Mr. Lu Xun has long praised: "The person who eats crab for the first time is very admirable. If it is not a warrior, who dares to eat it?"


Because of its ferocious appearance, double-clawed and eight-legged, it always gives people a feeling of "rampant domineering".Actually, this kind of wronged it,Domineering is true,Rampant is determined by its body structure.


Since the crab’s body is wide and flat,Walking sideways can reduce energy consumption, help crabs quickly enter the cave, and avoid hunting by predators.This is why most crabs crawl sideways.



But if you observe carefully, you will findNot all crabs walk sideways.


The short-finger monk crab walks straight, and the hermit crab and spider crab can also walk forward. Different lifestyles may cause crabs to walk differently.

What is "Monk Crab"?

About eating crabs, there are often some interesting things related to culture and legends.For example, many people may not know what Mr. Lu Xun refers to as "Monk Crab".

When you open the cooked crab shell, you can always find something resembling a meditating monk in it. This is the "crab monk". This statement comes from the Legend of the White Snake. Legend has it that this "Crab Monk" was turned into by Fahai.

The picture comes from the screenshot of Mr. Lu Xun's "On the Fall of Leifeng Tower"

In fact, this "crab monk" is in the crab's stomach. The larger the head, the more oily the crab is, indicating that the crab is healthier. The "crab monk" in the belly of male and female crabs is slightly different.The head of "Fahai" and the dark parts on both sides are chewing tools, where the crab stomach grinds food.

What should I pay attention to when eating crabs?
1,Must before cookingWash clean;

2,Cook thoroughly, Avoid eating bacteria or parasites, never eat raw crabs, and try not to eat drunk crabs or pickled crabs.

3,Try to eat river (lake) crabs fresh,Dead crabs should not be eaten.

4. Crabs should be steamed and eaten, not stored.If you don't finish eating it once, keep the rest in a clean, ventilated place, and cook it again when you eat it again.

Autumn is a good season to eat crabs
Eat female crabs in September
Eat male crabs in October
Try not to eat dead crabs
Eat now
Be cooked thoroughly when making
Avoid eating germs or parasites

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