Deadly toxins attacked Australia again, and the Australian woman's legs were eroded with big holes and bloody flesh! A patient died within 4 days! Australia becomes an infected area

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
The "killer" with a very high fatality rate——""
It's raging in Australia again! ! !


Recently, a woman in Australia
Unfortunately infected with this deadly "meat phagocytic"
Go through13 surgeriesTo take his life back
This deadly toxinVery toxic!
UnexpectedlyWithin 4 daysCause the death of an adult man
Some people have beenEclipses lips and limbs


Reminder: This article contains many high-energy pictures
It may cause discomfort, please be prepared!


It's like this...


Australia's temperature gradually rises
A kindDeadly toadstool that has existed for centuries
Also quietly appeared in Australia...



AustraliaThere is a female nurse named Jodie Wylie
Usually a person with a life style
I like to take care of flowers and plants
But she never expected
It's this accidental time to take care of flowers and plants
Let her go throughTortured so much that almost died!



Once after she took care of the garden
Right thigh somehowA bruise
She didn't care at first
But after a while
Her body gradually appearedStrange symptoms


Jodie feels himself"The headache seems to explode"
soonSore throat, Then startVomiting



She called the doctor
The doctor initially thought it was migraine after examination
So she prescribed some headache medicine
But unexpectedly, after taking the medicine
Symptoms are not alleviated
What follows isStronger pain


The pain gradually spread to the abdomen and then to the legs...
After thatNothing is spared!


Jodie noticed his bruised leg earlier
Look down, it's incredible! !


High energy ahead


And as the bacteria spread
The wound is actually swollen and black
Myself evenZhan Du ZhanCan't get up!





In an emergency,
Jodie's family got a wheelchair
Rushed her to the hospital
Upon admission, Jodie was sent to surgeryEmergency room rescue



At this time, she is in very bad condition
Except for sudden low blood pressure and accelerated heartbeat
The leg condition is even more serious...


It's too late, the right leg is almost eaten up by bacteria


The doctor slashed Jodie's red, swollen and festered leg
Only then did I find the cause--


Let Jodie's life hang by a thread
It's not a migraine
It's not any other common cause
ButThe frightening "meatphages"!


According to hospital expert diagnosisAfter this flora invaded through her leg woundWhat it carriesToxins quickly penetrate the bloodCause her to suffer from fatal dangerNecrotizing fasciitis
At the same time, Jodie was also diagnosed withsepticemia!Family members were told to "prepar for the worst of everything"



In order to take back Jodie's life from deathThe doctor had toresectionOn her right thighMost skin and muscle tissue!Jodie also acceptedHyperbaric oxygen therapy and 13 operationsAnd spent another two months of treatment in the hospital

In the end, the fortune-telling was saved!Although there is a lot of skin and muscle missing on the legsBut barely able to walkJodie also experienced a year of inner struggleHave the courage to return to the garden that almost killed her

After watching Jodie’s misfortuneThe pudding is really creepy!
And this terrible "meat eater"Very often in Australiasee

Deadly toxins raging in Australia!


Meat-eating bacteria, also known as carnivorous bacteria
Existed for more than a hundred years,Very toxic
These germs mainly pass through the woundInvasion of subcutaneous fascia
Then quickly spread to the whole body, causing serious infection
From skin ulceration to severe amputation or even death

AndAustralia,It’s this horrible germInfection hardest hit area

Thousands of people are "tragically killed" every year!

Take Melbourne as an exampleAccording to the available informationIn 2010, there were fewer than 50 cases of infection in Melbourne

There were 2015 cases in 106 and 2016 cases in 182
And 2017 directly soared to 275 cases

There were reports at that timeRecent years,

Number of people infected with sarcophagus in MelbourneSoaring rapidly
The infection rate has risen by 400%!


Because of curiosity, I checked the pictures related to "meatphages"
I didn’t even want to eat anymore...
Put a mosaic screenshot
Let me show you how terrifying meat phagocytic bacteria are



Just look at these coded pictures
Everyone may feel a little overwhelmed
And those unfortunately infected with meat phagocytic bacteria
Even more tortured and even killed


A man was infected with toxins and died in just 4 days
Some people’s lips and limbs were eroded...


"Meat phagocytic bacteria" is still spreading across Australia and the world
The power is so powerful that it shocks your jaw!

Comparable to the devil, kill a man in 4 days

Speaking of "meat chewing bacteria", a woman fell into pain
As she recalled, it was like a story in a horror movie


Her husband Michael Funk
OnIn just 4 daysDied of deadly meat phagocytosis



Michael was cleaning the crab cage
The small wound on the leg was infected with bacteria
Within a few hours, he fell ill
But because the meat phagocytic bacteria has entered the blood
His condition deteriorated rapidly and he was never rescued

Young man's lips and limbs were eroded by flesh-eating bacteria
According to the British "Daily Mail" report on September 934-year-old Alex Lewis isThe man without lips in the worldHe had a common cold in November last yearBut thenCaused sepsis and toxic shock syndromeleads toOrgan failure and a week-long coma

And all this stems from
The deadly virus that this common cold has worsened-meat phagocytosis
Bacteria swallowed his arms, legs and face
He can onlyTwo blackened legs and one arm amputated
During the 20-hour treatment
he stillLost lips and part of nose





The doctor sewed a temporary sponge bubble into his mouth
In order to join the two blood vessels and arteries together


Severe cases brought by "meatphages"
It's not uncommon all over the world


How to prevent flesh-eating bacteria


Flesh-eating bacteria
Not just a certain kind of bacteria
ButRefers to all causes necrotizing fasciitis
Or the germs of cloth ulcer
The most common of these are Streptococcus A and Vibrio vulnificus!



According to Dailymail
Australia's official CDC said
Eating raw oysters can cause meat-eating bacteria
In the past two yearsRages across Australia


What are the routes of transmission?


According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
There are several kinds of bacteria that can cause necrotizing fasciitis
And people get necrotizing fasciitisThe most common wayYes:


Bacteria passCuts, scrapes, burns
And surgical wounds and other skin breaksInto the body



In addition, it is worth noting that -


Flesh phagesEasy to appear on seafood
Most cases involving vibrio are related to seafood


Fishing, diving, or buying seafood in the market
Have the chance to be infected with flesh-eating bacteria
It is worth noting that among the many infection routes
The highest risk of eating oysters!


What are the symptoms?

Early symptoms of carnivorous fungusSimilar to flu
IncludeFever, muscle aches, sore throatand many more
Subsequently, the wound on the patient’s skin will beMore and more pain
body temperatureWill gradually increase, blood pressure may drop
Blood circulation is affected
Further will lead toBody tissue necrosis



Symptoms may be visible on the epidermis
It may also occur in the patient's dermis while the epidermis is intact
Site of infectionRedness and swelling, accompanied by bleeding and hard cortex
Complications such as diarrhea and fever in the later stage

How to prevent it?

Experts from the Center for Infection and Infectious Diseases of the University of Hong Kong pointed out
Carnivorous bacteria canCaused by different bacteria
Common are Streptococcus A and Vibrio vulnificus
Vibrio vulnificusUsually found in warm sea water



People with weakened immunity
Such as diabetic, chronic kidney disease and liver disease patients should be careful
If the skin is stabbed by these seafood
Can cause germs to invade from the wound



So, if you hurt your hands when handling seafood
Wash the wound with clean water in time
Such as symptoms of infection, such as skin redness, pain, fever, etc.
The most effective prevention method isDisinfect and bandage the wound properly
So if the above symptoms occur
Must seek medical attention immediately, Don't delay!


Really unexpected
This deadly toadstool is by our side
And unfortunately so many people in Australia are infected every year!
So, be careful in daily life
Especially after eating seafood
If you have the above symptoms, don't take it seriously
You must go to the hospital immediately!

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