Does garlic buy purple skin or white skin? It turns out that the difference is so big, don't buy it again...

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If you don't eat garlic, you will have half the fragrance; if you don't eat meat, you will have half the nutrition. Garlic is basically the most commonly eaten ingredient, and it is basically available in every kitchen.



Garlic has a unique spicy taste, which can improve the taste and remove fishy. It is necessary to add garlic to seasoning dishes, seasoning dishes, etc. It is also a food with both food and medicine.


There are purple-skinned and white-skinned garlics on the market. Many people don't understand. Just buy garlic anyway. They don't know that there are many differences between the two kinds of garlic.

What is the difference between purple garlic and white garlic?


Different taste


In addition to seeing the difference in color intuitively, the taste of the two is actually different.


The white skin juice is relatively more,The spicy flavor is not so strong,It is more crunchy and can be eaten directly, suitable for pickled garlic and the like.


Although the garlic cloves of purple skin are less, it is more plump, and the juice is not as much as that of white skin, but the spicy smell is also stronger, which is very suitable for seasoning, and the garlic flavor is stronger.




Nutrition is different


Purple garlic and white garlic generally contain the same nutrients, but because of the variety, the content of purple garlicThe anthocyanin content is relatively high.


The selenium element of white garlic will be more abundant, so we can choose according to our own needs when choosing.




Save different


Generally speaking, the white skin is thinner and more resistant to cold, but it also contains more water, so if we choose white garlic, we can buy one.Seal the plastic bag or the fresh-keeping bag,Put it in the refrigerator and keep it sealed at a lower temperature.


Purple garlic is generally placed in a dry and ventilated place. After it is dried in the shade, hang it for storage, but be careful not to expose it directly to the sun.



Speaking of this, I believe everyone already knows the difference between purple garlic and white garlic.Pickled or eaten raw,It is recommended to choose white garlic, which is more crispy and less spicy; if it is seasoning, it is recommended to choose purple garlic.The garlic has a stronger flavor and a better taste,Make it more delicious.


The single-head purple garlic can be said to be a treasure among the purple garlic, mainly because it is relatively large, full and round with thin skin, and has a very rich flavor.


How to choose garlic?1
Look at the shape

When choosing garlic, try to choose a round shape and better wrapping, don’t chooseChipped or deformed garlic.


The garlic cloves have obvious arcs, are evenly distributed, and are closely connected to each other. The garlic cloves are larger and have good plumpness. This kind of garlic is better.


See the color

Purple garlic and white garlic are also rich in nutrients, butPurple garlic has higher nutritional value,The taste is more spicy and the price is slightly higher.

See the top of garlic

When choosing garlic, pay attention to its top. Generally, garlic will grow new sprouts from the top. If it is found to have sprouted, it is recommended not to buy it.Germination will affect the nutritional content of garlic.


Put the garlic on your hand, touch it lightly, the garlic clove feels firm,Dry hand feel, heavy weight, strong sense of firmness,Just good garlic. If it feels soft and dented, the inside of this garlic may have deteriorated, so don't buy it.


Is it good to eat raw garlic?

The alliin in garlic must be combined with alliinase after the cell is broken.It becomes allicin only after encountering oxygen.Some people are afraid of the spicy taste of garlic, and the medicinal effects of garlic are actually derived from its spicy taste, which is the allicin. If it is fried and eaten, most of the allicin will be volatilized or decomposed by heat. , Thereby greatly reducing the health benefits of garlic.



In addition, allicin is not resistant to high temperature,If allicin exceeds 50 ℃ ,Its function is reduced, so it is good to eat garlic raw. If you can't stand the spiciness of garlic, you can sprinkle garlic when the dish is about to be out of the pan, so that the spiciness is reduced and allicin will not be lost too much. However, it is necessary to control the amount to avoid stomach discomfort, especially for people with stomach diseases, eating on an empty stomach is more likely to cause discomfort.

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