There is a beautifully-named city council in the southwest of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia-Lake Forest City Council. Local children's schoolwork and extracurricular activities have been greatly affected by the epidemic, and their families have also suffered mental and economic blows due to the epidemic.

In order to help the residents of his own district, Charles Strunk, a member of Lake Forest City, allocated a sum of money from the city council to buy some backpacks for the children, which contained books and learning utensils. As soon as the news came out, his office received many calls from local schools, communities and families to apply for backpacks.

The city council's funding is just a drop in the bucket. At this time, the Lake Forest Heritage Bank and the Lions Club of Inala reached out to the city council. Heritage Bank's partner, Forest Lake One Community Board, allocated nearly 5000 Australian dollars to support this activity of the City Council.

The City Councillor of Strungk said: “Many families and children rely on the free internet in the library to do their homework, carry out extracurricular activities, meet with the study group or participate in activities organized by the cloth city council.” He said that the municipality under the epidemic The libraries are closed, and many families come to the city council to report that they do not have the financial means to open the Internet at home.

He expressed his gratitude to the Lions Club and Lake Forest Heritage Bank for their collaboration, and they will carry out a wider range of charity activities this year.

The current president of the Inala Lions Club, Les Josiah and the former president, Rangi Ross, have worked in the local area for many years. They are also very grateful for the generous donations of Lake Forest Heritage Bank to local teenagers. They will use the donations to buy school bags and learning tools from local businesses to support local businesses. They will also be responsible for distributing school bags.

Mr. Josiah said: "Our Lions club understands the importance of education and the importance of enriching children's learning." On behalf of the Lions club and the local people, he thanked the Forest Lake Heritage Bank and the Forest Lake One Community Board for their generous donations. "An important reason for this activity is that there are many talented students in our community. We must help them during this difficult time," Josiah said.

Belinda Killey, the head of the Lake Forest Heritage Bank, said: "We are very pleased to be able to fund this project and that the children can benefit from this project. Our bank employees and Lake Forest One Community Board attach great importance to children’s Learning, if we can help so many children, then we will do our job."

Lake Forest City Council, Lake Forest Heritage Bank, Lake Forest One Community Board and Inalaz Lions Club held a donation ceremony at the bank on August 8.

The number of backpacks and school supplies is limited. If residents of Lake Forest City Council wish to collect for their children, please call Mr. Rose of Inala Lions Club. His number is 0407 116 679.

Editor in charge: Yang Fan