"I spent 200 yuan in exchange for my advanced cancer"

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"Because of taking diet pills, I entered the police station"

This year, there is never a shortage of new things.

Who would have thought that someone would almost be jailed for taking weight-loss pills?

A few days ago, Ms. Li experienced all this.

Because of the epidemic, Xiao Li wanted to lose weight quickly, so he bought the popular Thai DC diet pill.

As a result, he was detained by the police with some medicine within a few days.

The reason was suspected drug use.


Coincidentally, in the past two days, lawyer Liang Chen also received help from nearly 50 girls, all of which were suspected of taking drugs.

One of the girls also felt good because of DC diet pills, so she started to buy and almost ruined her future.

Taking medicine was simply deducted 500 yuan.


But for drug trafficking, he was imprisoned on suspicion of drug smuggling.


A girl who loses weight has turned into a drug addict.

Take weight loss pills =!It's really not a rumor this time.
"Eating Thai DC, I almost died in the middle of the night"

After seeing this, I hurried to check this medicine.

The ``magic weight loss medicine'' that has been sold crazy by countless Internet celebrities-.
Its main ingredients are actually phentermine and diazepam.
It is legal in Thailand, but it is a controlled product in China.

Yaoyao, a 23-year-old girl, once regarded DC as a magical medicine. She delivered the medicines one by one every day on time. There were about ten pills at a time.

At the beginning, the weight loss was very obvious, one catty a day, but with it, the body was extremely uncomfortable:

He was irritable, numb in his hands and feet, and trembling all over, one day he almost fainted in the toilet at midnight.

Yaoyao said: "Thin is thin, but sometimes mental disorders, she wanders on the edge of emotional out of control every day."

In fact, it was due to an overdose of phentermine.

But the fluoxetine in the ingredient is even more terrifying.

In 2014, "Today's Statement" mentioned a girl Xiaojun died of taking weight-loss drugs.

The 26-year-old girl, in order to put on a nice wedding dress before marriage, she believed in the words of the business to lose weight quickly.

She had frequent itching, palpitations, and fainting all over her body, which she never thought was caused by taking medicine.
On the Chinese Valentine's Day, she lay down in the hospital and passed away. The merchant would not feel heartache.

And she, in the end, failed to put on her favorite wedding dress and lead her lover to the next life.

Seeing this, someone would definitely scold her for being stupid, but I couldn't scold her.

Because on the market, those with a variety of names and appearances.

There are so many "perfect" phantoms after careful packaging...
"I have liver failure after eating that biscuit"

You see, the meal replacement biscuits in Moments are just an example.

You must have heard of meal replacement biscuits in your circle of friends.

Not only to replace the staple food, but also to lose weight.

Xiao Song, a 23-year-old girl from Ningbo City, was moved, but after eating meal replacement biscuits for more than half a month, she had an accident.

When he was taken to the hospital, he showed signs of multiple organ failure. If he didn't undergo a liver transplant, he would definitely die within three days.

As she was just in her senior year this year, she suddenly walked into a dark abyss in her life.

Fortunately, the liver transplantation was successful, but kidney dialysis was required soon.

The doctor said: It’s not uncommon for Xiao Song to have at least one every week in our hospital.

A 19-year-old girl in Hunan eats a meal replacement biscuit for three meals, at most vegetables and fruit.

But after two months, she suddenly fainted and lost consciousness. When the 120 emergency doctor arrived, she had stopped breathing.

The boyfriend looked at the girl lying on the hospital bed and didn't respond to any calls.

After spending 10 yuan on treatment, the girl remained unconscious and could not breathe spontaneously.

Even if he recovers, he is very likely to be a vegetative person.

Useless may be harmful, cheap but sold at sky-high prices, this is the true face of meal replacement biscuits.

Unfortunately, the magical and realistic facts are still endless...
"The 25-year-old girl in the circle of friends died of health preservation!"

"After the age of 25, the skin oxidation rate will be very fast, so we must prepare in advance."

This is the usual copywriting used by WeChat Moments micro-businesses when issuing health products.

Because of the sense of elimination caused by "getting old", the young people in this class have become more and more panicked.

This is the case with 25-year-old Lin Li, who buys health products in bulk.

She eats health products as a "meal" every day. Every morning, 16 capsules and two packs of solid drinks are her breakfast.

The more you eat, the more you get used to it, the more you eat, the more magical you become.

Once, Lin Li had a high fever for several days, and she insisted not to go to the hospital or take any medicine.

Instead, he drank the health product juice and let him have a fever.

She even told her husband that the teacher said that the body was detoxifying.

However, he was finally sent to the hospital and died because of a serious lung infection.

When I saw her black and white photo and the box of unfinished juice, I was heartbroken.

Such girls are rushing in batches.

But to the end of life and death, only the pain of the loved ones is left.

Long-term use of whitening pills and anti-sugar pills, suffering from ovarian cysts;

When I was a student, I ate health care products, which caused hormonal disorders and infertility;

A 25-year-old woman died of endometrial cancer after taking estrogen drugs for three consecutive years.

I understand everyone's mood for maintenance, especially women.

But people always have an old age, 25 years old is a watershed for women, but a gimmick for micro-businessmen to make money.

When these touted benefits are overwhelmingly smashed at you.

Girls, please be careful, this is not a cure, but a death.

In fact, I can fully understand that people pay attention to health, the quality of life, and the psychology of cherishing life.

But your single-mindedness in seeking survival and rushing to the hospital often results in other people’s single-minded seeking for money.

The human body is like a precision machine, with strong self-regulation ability, but also has a fragile side.

It can be adjusted by the body's own functions, and the rest should be given to medical treatment and fitness.

Things are getting really big now, but I found that there are still many girls who don’t know about it.

Several Douban groups called "Thailand DC Weight Loss Group" are still active.

On August 8, another girl was looking for a Thai friend to help with purchasing.

If you read this article, you might as well spread it out.

Please tell the truth to those around you:

Develop healthy living habits, more reliable than superstition "false health".

"Rather than curse the darkness, it is better to light a candle."

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