The seemingly calm Queensland
In fact, it's always undercurrent
Queensland has exploded in the past 24 hours8 confirmed diagnoses!

On the other side, another terrible murder happened on the Gold Coast!
Realtor when surfingBitten to death by sharks alive
At the same timeAt least 40Surfer in the water

8 new cases in Kunzhou!

Latest news from Queensland Department of Health
In the past 24 hours,8 newly diagnosed

among them5 cases related to correctional college
Are all family members of a known confirmed patient
I was quarantined when diagnosed

另外3 cases are related to Ipswich Hospital
2 of them are medical workers who are already in isolation
The third case isChild of a medical worker

It is reported that this confirmed child
Is the 11th grade of St Edmunds CollegeStudent
He went to school during the unknown infection period
The instituteThe school has been urgently closed

At present, the number of active diagnoses of New Crown in Queensland has risen to 29
24 virus tests have been performed in the past 12075 hours

The Governor of Queensland called on:

"Everyone must be socially isolated,
Because we haven't gotten out of the predicament."

The recent epidemic in Queensland has been relatively stable
My friends can't hide the heart that wants to go to the beach
But Queensland has also been on the top searches in Australia because of an accident...

Realtor died on the Gold Coast...

Gold CoastHas always been a tourist attraction
But who could have thought,
A tragedy happened in such a place
The life of a 46-year-old man is explained here...

The unfortunate man named Nick Slater
46 years old this year, a longboard enthusiast
It is also real estate in Queenslandproperty agent
Living in Miami on the Gold Coast

On this Tuesday afternoon
He chose toGreenmount Beachsurf

This place hasBlue clear waters and high-quality sandy beaches
Very popular among Queenslanders, surfers and divers

Around five o'clock in the afternoon
Nick Slater is surfing alone in the sea
At least there are40 surfers in the water

Where he chooses to surfVery close to the shore
There are shark prevention nets around
There are also lifeguards at the surf club nearby

But at this moment
Swimming around himA mass of unknown objects
Nick Slater did not see
Travelers surfing a few meters away did not see

When this mass of objectsClose towhen
NickI found out it was a great white shark
But at that time he wanted to escape and couldn't escape
The great white shark just took Nick as a target and bit down

All this was captured by a surf camera not far away
I saw the black outline of a shark swimming around the man
Splash around
Gradually the spray calmed down...

3.5m Great White Shark...

Surfer Jade Parke is also on the scene
He was walking on the trail by the beach
suddenlyThere was some commotion in the water
Four or five people yelled at the water
Parke looks into the water
Found a pieceFloating longboard with a corpse next to it

Parke thought this man might be drowning
So he ran to where the man wasOnly waist-deep waters
Together with the three people present to pull him to the beach

But when this man was pulled ashore
What Parke saw later
Even made him afraid to think again:

Nick’s thigh is below the knee
Almost all bitten off
Only some minced meat is still hanging

The longboard beside this man
and alsoShark staysSharptooth
This toothUp to 5cm

After analysis by fishery professionals:

This shark is a great white shark at least 3.5 meters long

This is after the accident
A tiger shark caught by fishermen in the same waters
Not sure,
Is this shark related to the shark attack

The man rescued ashoreNo longer conscious
The medical staff and lifeguards at the scene gave him an emergency treatment
And use oneSheets coverHis wound

No matter if he was bitten by a great white shark or a tiger shark
These two sharks are the most dangerous shark species in the world
So despite the treatment
This man is still helpless...

First in 62 years on the Gold Coast!

After this happened
Greenmount Beach has alsoEmergency shutdown

What's more worrying is that
The beach where the accident happened has shark control equipment
Including anti-shark net and drum rope
But the shark that killed a person still entered the shallow water...

And this matter is also in the Gold Coast area
The first shark attack caused death in 62 years

Although it is the first shark death in the area in 62 years
But something like
It happened in many places in Australia

Last July, a swimmer
When swimming near Manly Beach in Sydney
Attacked by sharks:

He was bitten with "deep wounds" on his back and legs
I got bitten through my stomach

In October of the same year, in the Whitsunday Islands on the Great Barrier Reef
Two people are diving in the popular spot Airlie Beach
Then the two were attacked by sharks one after another:

One of them wanted to save his life
Had to accept the right leg amputation

Also in 2017
There is also a terrible shark wounding incident
When a tourist is swimming in the sea
Encountered a ferocious little shark and bit him

The bloody picture also appeared before our eyes

The little shark bites the man's lower abdomen tightly
Man pulling fish's tail
Bowed aboard

Then the man next to him took a knife and slashed at the shark

This man was able to remove the shark from himself

But the blood on the body is terrifying
A small shark can cause such power
Not to mention the great white shark as an adult...

Kunzhou spring is coming
More and more people choose to go to the beach to swim
But there are frequent shark attacks on Australian beaches
Be sure to protect yourself before entering the water

And now is a critical period for epidemic prevention in Queensland
Everyone must abide by the epidemic prevention regulations!