My scalp is numb! The Australian lady crawled out of a bunch of insects after this operation! Beware of the "high protein" in Australian fruits and vegetables. . .

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
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Mentions "", what do you think of?


Poets think of spring, chefs think of desserts, foodies think of sweet and sour taste...


However, the editor now only thinks of disgusting


Recently, a young lady in Australia bought a box of strawberries and happily soaked the strawberries in salt water.
Just wait for a while while eating strawberries while chasing drama~It's so beautiful~
However, before long, a disgusting scene appeared:

Densely small bugs came out of the strawberry!

These little bugs are white and fat, wriggling, and make your scalp numb!


The girl said that this picture appeared after the strawberries were soaked in salt water for 30 minutes!

The girl said it was still wriggling, right here, my God, I'm going to throw up! too disgusting!

Even more frightening is that the situation encountered by this young lady is not unique!
Before, a mother bought two boxes of strawberries in Woolworth. After washing and cutting them, she was shocked.

There was a whole nest of bugs inside!

Fortunately, the mother cut the first strawberry and found a bug.

Then, she continued to cut a few other strawberries, and it turned out that there were also bugs, and even more!

After another girl bought the strawberries, she habitually soaked fresh strawberries in salt water.
When cleaning,
She was also surprised to find something squirming in the water!

Take a closer lookShe actually saw a bug!

The frightened girl immediately calmed down, she quickly found a fork to fork a bug out of the water, and found that
There are other disgusting things in the water!

The picture is so beautiful that I dare not look at it!


Is it so hard to eat a strawberry? I just want to eat fruit, but I don't want to add protein!


In addition to these, living in Tai Tuao, you are likely to have eaten these weird things.


Strawberries have high protein

Eat unearthed Australian specialty big spider

I'll add a supplement to the raspberry

Add some meat to the salad



Or some premium "worm egg sauce" for you



The bugs in this salad are really pediatric



Hidden leeches in salad



Frogs live in the lettuce, and they are still alive!


Write at the end

These days, strawberries no longer dare to gulp, who knows what "mystery" is hidden inside.

Generally speaking, strawberries are placed in a small basin, rinsed with water, and shaken to eat.

Because there are no pesticides, there is nothing.

But now it must be cleaned carefully!

Put the purchased strawberries into a liquid of one part white vinegar, four parts cold water, and a pinch of salt.

Let stand for 5 minutes and then wash and drain before serving.

There are other fruits that are also easy to hide insects, such as the popular cherries, bayberry, etc...

But you can rest assured that as far as I know,
These worms are mostly fruit fly larvaeIt’s harmless to the human body Having said that, it's a bit disgusting to think about it!
So everyone should clean the fruit well, in case there is protein in it~

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