NSW expresses its willingness to promote the country's train manufacturing industry in opposition

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The Minister of Transport for NSW (Andrew Constance) stated that he is ready to work with other states to develop a plan to upgrade the local manufacturing industry and promote the international use of Australian-made trains in the “reshaping the world” after the epidemic. Demand.

The NSW government recently purchased ferries and trains from overseas. Last week, Constance's remarks that the cost of building transport assets in Australia is too high has again been criticized by companies, unions and the railway industry.

Caroline Wilkie, president of the Australian Railway Association (ARA), said that the NSW government’s procurement procedures have damaged local manufacturing and called for urgent action to rebuild the industry as the global supply chain is affected by the epidemic.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Constance said on Saturday that he is willing to meet with stakeholders in other states to study how to develop sufficient demand to maintain the development of local manufacturing in the coming decades.

"It's very difficult, but we do need to look at the future possibilities, especially considering the reshaping of the world after the epidemic," he said.

Constance said he hopes to discuss the new tender structure of the Australian Railway Association through the Transport Infrastructure Council (TIC). The association called for a unified national approach to the procurement of railway assets.

Constance said: "We will not expand the scale of a manufacturing plant for a single order. We must be competitive on a global scale to make it a truly worthwhile economic activity."

The President of the Railway Association Wilkie said that Victoria already has a strong railway manufacturing industry, but she said that a nationally consistent approach is needed to develop sustainable demand.

"The NSW government expressed its willingness to cooperate with other state governments and industries to strengthen and standardize procurement procedures-now is the time for them to take action." She said.

NSW Governor Belle Giklian said before that Australia and NSW were “not good at building trains”, which immediately drew strong opposition from trade unions and opposition parties.

上周,中国制造的一列沃勒塔2系列(Waratah Series 2)列车在悉尼投入使用,另外5列沃勒塔列车正在澳洲接受测试,还有11列预计将于今年年底从中国运抵澳洲。这些列车将在悉尼的T2、T3铁线、T8机场线和南线运行。

Constance said in announcing the news that these trains were not made in the country "for a reason," and it is estimated that labor, energy and material costs will push prices up by about 25%.

Editor in charge: Yue Ming

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