Nearly 5 jobs will disappear in the next 8 years! Australian restaurant owner: After resuming business, business plummeted by 90%

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!


The current situation in Australia has improved, and the overall situation is gradually improving.
There is hope in everything.
However, some habits brought by the epidemic,
But I can't change it...


The former "epidemic center",
Reopened but no one cares


Do you remember the Thai Rock restaurant in Wetherill Park, Sydney? The restaurant that was once the "epidemic center" reopened for the first time a week ago.


I thought that after being fully prepared, the old customers of the restaurant would come again. But what I didn't expect was that the worst result happened:Customers are unwilling or afraid to come to this restaurant again.


The owner of the restaurant, Stephanie and David Boyd, said that the restaurant has reopened for 4 weeks, but"Almost no diners come". The turnover has dropped by 90% compared to before the closure. If the current business continues for 4 weeks, the restaurant will close down.


(Image source: ABC NEWS)
(Image source: ABC NEWS)


On July 7, Thai Rock was diagnosed with the new crown because of an employee. After that, the number of cases related to this restaurant increased to 9, and the restaurant fell into a "dark abyss".


(Image source: ABC NEWS)


Initially, the outbreak from the restaurant caused 15 people to be infected with the new crown. However, following investigations by health department personnel, the number of confirmed patients related to this restaurant has surged.


Stephanie said in pain,Each new case is like a new wound to her, constantly cutting her.


I didn't see a new case on Facebook, tears would not stop streaming down.


At the same time, even Thai Rock closed quickly and performed a deep cleaning. But it is really difficult to restore the reputation of the restaurant.


There are more and more malicious comments about restaurants on the Internet, and some people have risen to another level, cursing Stephanie for them"Go to hell and burn in hell."


(Image source: ABC NEWS)


Although we closed the restaurant for deep cleaning, people still have bad reviews of our restaurant online. I try to get out of bed every day, but I can't help crying every day.


Some time ago, NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet predicted:The NSW economy will shrink by 10% this fiscal year.


(Image source: ABC NEWS)


It can be seen from the data that many companies ushered in a downturn during the epidemic. But as the epidemic improves, their situation can gradually improve.


But for those places that have been "successful", it is really difficult to cheer up and make customers believe in them again.


In order to save the guests, Stephanie and David and his wife installed a thermal imaging camera to check the temperature of each customer when they entered Thai Rock.


(Image source: ABC NEWS)


The restaurant is also equipped with an administrator to ensure that customers and staff observe social distancing, and common precautions such as the use of disinfectants and regular cleaning.


(Image source: ABC NEWS)


Other than that,The couple also hired a microbiologist to conduct surprise inspections of the entire restaurant.Electronic cleaners and sprayers have also become "resident cleaning supplies" in restaurants.


(Image source: ABC NEWS)


"The cost is high, but what else we can do, we have to try. To close this restaurant that has been operating for 8 years is too much for us."


Lost 5 jobs in 7 years,
Lost $1000 billion


Not only NSW, neighboring Victoria is also in the heat.


According to media reports,Melbourne is expected to lose 5 jobs and $79,000 billion in income within the next five years.


Currently,The number of unemployed in Victoria has far exceeded the peak of the economic recession in the 90s, and it is estimated that 40 jobs will be affected each year in the next five years.


(Image source: The Age)


According to accounting giant PwC's modeling analysis of Melbourne and Victoria, the results show:


The economic impact of the new crown epidemic on Melbourne will be much more severe than the recession in the 90s-equivalent to the combined impact of the First World War and the Spanish flu pandemic.


PwC also predicts,Melbourne's accommodation and food service industry will lose 22,900 jobs, which is equivalent to giving up $19.9 billion.Simultaneously,Melbourne's economy this year will shrink to A$235 billion, accounting for 22% of forecast growth.


The Mayor of Melbourne, Sally Capp, also said that the Victorian and Federal Governments should provide Melbourne with emergency financial resources.


Capp said that Melbourne is Australia's economic powerhouse, and the scale of economic shock felt throughout the city center is "unprecedented", and this PwC data just shows that Melbourne needs the support of Victoria and the federal government to restore Melbourne.


During the epidemic, it is not easy for all walks of life.
It is even more difficult for these restaurants that have been unfortunately "successful" to survive.
It is understandable that customers are afraid to consume because this restaurant was once the "epidemic center".
But after seeing the changes they made,
Why can't we give them a chance?

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