The cost of the Victorian segregated hotel project exceeded the budget by A$6 million by mid-June, and government officials attributed most of the increased cost to the government’s decision to use a private security company instead of the Australian Defense Force.

The internal government email submitted to the judicial investigation of the segregated hotel showed that the decision of the Andrews (Daniel Andrews) government to use a private security company cost taxpayers tens of millions of Australian dollars and made the owners of the security company huge profits.

An official from the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions wrote in an email to a colleague: "Queensland and NSW have asked the Australian Defence Force for help, which will greatly reduce security. Expenditure."

Related emails show that Victoria’s expenditure on quarantined hotel projects is expected to reach 6 million yuan by the end of June, compared with 1.3 million yuan in NSW and 5000 million yuan in Queensland.

NSW and Queensland also use private security contractors, but the contractors are supported by the police and the Defence Force.

Expenditure details show that the main contractor signed by the Victorian government, Unified Security, provided security services in 13 isolated hotels in Melbourne and received 2860 million yuan in remuneration. The other two contractors, MSS and Wilson, received 670 million yuan and 440 million yuan respectively.

The three security companies subcontracted the contract. In some cases, the subcontractor only paid the security 18 yuan per hour, which meant that the general contractor, especially the owner of Unified Security, made considerable profits.

At the beginning of August, 8 members of the Defence Forces assisted NSW with the isolated hotel project, and another 165 soldiers helped Queensland.

As Melbourne's leaky isolation hotel project triggered the second wave of epidemics in Victoria, the Andrews government basically suspended the project.

At present, the Victorian government's isolation hotel plan has become a major controversy between it and the federal government.

Governor Andrews has repeatedly claimed that the Defence Force has not offered to assist Victoria, but Australian Defence Minister Linda Reynolds refuted this. She said that the Defence Force has repeatedly offered to help Victoria establish and maintain a return passenger isolation system, but the Andrews government said they do not need help.

Defence Force Lieutenant General John Frewen told an investigative committee of the Australian Senate that after Prime Minister Morrison’s announcement on March 3, the Defence Force provided the same assistance to all states and territories.

Frewen’s testimony clearly shows that if Victoria seeks assistance on the same scale as NSW, the Defence Force will send hundreds of personnel to help strengthen the state’s isolated hotel system.

Editor in charge: Li Xinran