The US Pacific Fleet released the "Sinking Target Ship" video on Facebook, and the Durham was hit by three missiles one after another. Figure: Screenshot of the US Pacific Fleet video

The 2020 U.S.-led Rim of the Pacific Military Exercise (RIMPAC) ended on August 8. On the 31th of last month, the final stage of the exercise, the traditional finale of the military exercise, "Sinking Target Ship Exercise" (SINKEX), was held. In the exercise video released by the US Pacific Fleet on Facebook, it can be seen that during the exercise, the target ship with a full load of up to 30 tons of displacement was hit by at least three missiles.

The "Sinking Target Ship Exercise" is the traditional finale of the Pacific Rim military exercise. The exercise involves using a large warship as a target ship and then using various anti-ship weapons to strike the target ship with live ammunition. The US Pacific Fleet stated that the target ship in this exercise, named "Durham" (LKA 114), was a retired US Navy amphibious transport ship from 1969 to 1994.

From the military exercise video released by the US Department of Defense, it can be seen that after the "Durham" was directly hit by at least three anti-ship missiles, the hull of the ship burst into smoke and fire. The missiles are all attacked from the left side of the ship. In addition to accurately hitting the hull of the ship, there are more missiles that directly penetrate the ship.

The "Sinking Target Ship Exercise" can be used to study damage assessment, platform survivability, explosion impact and other issues, and to help improve weapon systems. Phillipa Hay, the commander of the first task force of the Pacific Rim exercise and the Royal Australian Navy Captain Phillipa Hay, stated in a report that the sinking of the target ship is an important key to the simulated live fire exercise. This is the most realistic way to test weapon systems. The actual way, and this shows that we have the ability to conduct high-level operations.

According to the regulations of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the hull must be carefully cleaned before carrying out the live ammunition exercise, the chemical materials and wastes on the ship must be removed as much as possible, and the fuel in the fuel storage tank must also be all Clean up. After the exercise, the target ship must be at least 50 nautical miles (approximately 92 kilometers) away from the land and sink into the seabed of 1828 meters to prevent marine life and humans from being affected during the period outside the exercise.

Shocked! The 1.8-ton U.S. warship was sunk by 3 missiles (video)

Picture of the Australian Navy frigate launching the Harpoon anti-ship missile during the Ring-Pacific military exercise: Screenshot of the US Pacific Fleet video

Picture of the Durham after being hit by 3 missiles: Screenshot of the US Pacific Fleet video